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Ordering Glasses Online From Zenni Optical, Part Two

My order of glasses from Zenni Optical arrived today!!!

I ordered the glasses around the 10th of December, so this being the 22nd, they have arrived in less than two business weeks. I am very impressed with the level of expediency!

I had intended to take them down to the optometrist to confirm the prescriptions are correct before raving or ranting about my order, but with everything being shut down tight for the holidays I will satisfy myself for now with the fact that I can see clearly!

The glasses were packed in a bubble envelope:


Each of the glasses came in its own case with a cleaning cloth. Very nice touch. I am horrible about using my shirt or a tissue to clean glasses instead of using a glass cloth. Perhaps I will finally reform my ways?

I like the added touch that the sunglasses were in a different coloured case. The rulers are for measuring your PD.

I like the added touch that the sunglasses were in a different coloured case. The rulers are for measuring your PD.

The first pair I am going to show off is similar to my old one.



Photo on 12-22-12 at 2.27 PM #3

These are probably going to be my every day pair. They are incredibly light. The bridge of my nose aches at the end of the day from the weight of my glasses and I think it will feel much better now!

I thought there was a problem with this pair at first (perhaps that they had missed the anti-reflective coating), but I think I simply did not allow for an adjustment period. The longer I wear them, the more they feel great. Unfortunately, they do not have spring hinges.

Here is second pair with wire frames. It looked silver on the screen, but was clearly marked as being blue on the order form, so I’m not surprised by the icy blue colour.

Each cloth is different, what a nice touch!

Each cloth is different, what a nice touch!


Photo on 12-22-12 at 2.27 PM #4

This pair has some fancy detailing on the sides. They are a little heavier than the brown pair, so they will probably end up being my backup pair. They have spring hinges.

The third pair is a green plastic frame for when I want to add a pop of colour to an outfit without being too showy.



Photo on 12-22-12 at 2.28 PM

This pair has spring hinges.

The fourth pair is a pink plastic frame, again for when I want to add some colour to my outfit.



Photo on 12-22-12 at 2.28 PM #2

This pair is a little redder than I would have thought and do not have spring hinges, but they are the prettiest of the bunch and the pair I was most excited about. I’ve had boring sensible glasses my whole life, so these are a little bit of rebellion! They do not have spring hinges.

Finally, my prescription sunglasses. I wanted a tortoiseshell pattern, but could not find one with a frame type I liked in my size. This pattern is more zebra-ish, something I knew because of a review, but they are lovely! They are going to be my main sunglasses and I will keep my older, very scratched pair, as backup.


IMGP4855Photo on 12-22-12 at 2.28 PM #3

Again, I only paid $71.05 total, including A/R coating on all five pairs and shipping, less a 10% holiday discount!!!

Taking the time to measure my old glasses and sticking to shapes I know suit my face explains why all of these look good on me and fit properly.

I am thrilled by my first experience ordering glasses from Zenni Optical! In fact, I would like to place another one in a few months before I leave the States so that I can have two more pairs of prescription sunglasses. This way, I will be able to leave one in both vehicles and one in the purse.


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  • I think the second pair look the best. I would make those your every day pair.

  • Really? They are my least favourite pair, but I think they are going to be my everyday pair because the A/R coating works better on them than on the brown pair, at least in the lighting in my office. I’ll probably wear the blue pair at home and the brown pair when I’m running around (since they’ll go with everything I wear and the blue won’t).

    The plastic frames look good, too. The flash on Photobooth does not do them justice. 🙂

    Thanks for your input!

  • I like the idea of sunglasses in each place you need them. I may steal that idea from you.

  • At the price they are on Zenni, why not? 😀

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