Jan 22, 2012 - Homemaking, Personal, Renovating    10 Comments

Not Terrible, Not Great

The caulking I applied yesterday didn’t dry as smoothly as it had been laid out. It looks okay; better than not having a finished edged, but not as nice as having proper trim. I will try to even out the edges with a straight edge and a razor blade and see if that makes a difference. Another idea I have is to put the caulking behind the wood trim to fill in any gaps. In that case, I would go with the paintable kind.

I can live with this better than I could with the unfinished edges, but I still have a ways to go to get a truly polished look.

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  • Usemasking tape like you were painting

  • I can’t use it on the cabinet bases (like the vanity) because masking tape removes the finish.

  • Jim K has a good suggestion, there is some specialty tape available that comes in colors or (colours) like Blue and green, that is not sopposed to stick. Some of them are so special they cost ten or twenty bucks a roll, but the ones I have used work.
    Also, if you are using a water soluble caulk you already know water and a sponge or wet finger makes a nice finish and is paintable. But if you are using a 100% silicone caulk the solvent before it cures is rubbing alcohol. You can also clean up the mess with lacquer thinner but that usually wrecks the finish of the item being caulked. The alcohol cleans the un-cured silicone usually without damage, but you have to test an area first.
    Time for a BEER!!

  • Many times I have taped off my project, caulked it, smoothed it out and then pulled off the tape for a really professional finish. Often times people ask me “How did you do that?” Because it looks so good, especially when it has irregular edges and thicknesses.
    Time for two BEERS!!

  • BTW, I really like a Good, Bitter, Highly Hopped, IPA.

  • If you decide to use the alcohol idea, I apply it with a spray bottle like window cleaner. You can’t go wrong with alcohol 🙂 Maybe THAT is my problem 🙂 🙂

  • Gary, the blue and green tapes do stick and take the finish off my cabinets. I learned this the hard way when I painting the new wardrobe doors in the dressing room. I’m going to try using a guide and see if that helps. What’s frustrating is that when I left I had a nice, smooth edge, but the caulking kind of spread after.

    As for beer, I like just about anything; just depends on the circumstance. But I usually prefer for something extra hoppy and I love dark beers.

  • Hmmmmmmm, bummer.

    If this stuff:


    Came in brown it would be perfect, but all I could find is white.

  • Gary, that’s hilarious. I spent about five minutes looking at that stuff at the home store trying to think of a brown product like it.

  • Great minds think alike!


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