Not So Trivial… and Trivial

Not So Trivial

Congratulations to the 52% of Americans who voted for change and a president who won’t embarrass them. I love the fact that Bush’s successor’s middle name is… Hussein.

A comparable win in Canada would be by a Native American Neo-Democrat… and we’re so far from that in terms of how the Natives are still viewed and treated here that I know that won’t happen in my lifetime.

But shame, SHAME on those voters in California that de-legalized gay marriage. Electing a black president and taking a giant step back for gay rights cancel each other out. The US doesn’t come off as being any more enlightened than it was before Obama became the president elect. 🙁


The nursery job was much better for a couple of days as I was, temporarily, ‘promoted’ to full-time line worker. Wrapping and bundling are much easier now and I’m now learning how to do sorting, which is my favourite task. Sorting is essentially quality controlling the trees and picking out the ones that should not be sent to the customers. I love doing this and can do it for hours on end without feeling bored. Unfortunately, all line workers need to rotate the jobs, so I can’t sort all day. Yesterday I got to sort for the longest shift of the day (2.5 hours straight), so the day went by rather quickly. Today, I was really disappointed when I was sent back to box duty first thing in the morning. I got a bit of a reprieve for an hour or so to haul blocks, but then had to go back to boxes. The morning was interminable! I was so happy this afternoon when I was sent to a line to bundle and wrap.

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  • Right on Rae! Right Wing “Religious” fanatics stay out of our bedrooms, nurseries and ballot boxes!

  • I too was very very disappointed and saddened to see CA get the vote wrong on Prop 8 – 1 step forward, 2 steps back.

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