Not So Mellow Yellow

I awoke to a bit of a shock. The yellow that was so warm in the somber loft was BRIGHT LEMON in a large, sunny room. At first, I thought that the paint folks goofed with my new batch of paint and then I remembered that I did most of the first coat with the original batch and that the new batch was a perfect match. What a difference natural sunlight makes!

It will be toned down by the curtains, pictures, furniture, etc. so I am not in panic mode at all and I have to say that it is rather cheery!

Since I have so much paint left, and it’s a relatively easy space to work in, I will definitely do a third coat in this room.

The cabinetry colour is also satisfactory, but I’m not spoiling that. 😀

Here’s a random Cute!Cat picture:

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  • It’s amazing how one paint can look so different from room to room.

  • It’s all about the lighting!

    Soon as the sun went down, the room looked ‘normal.’ Guess I’ll have to leave the blinds closed! 😀

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