No Turkey

It’s Thanksgiving this weekend, but you’d never know it in Quebec. I saw exactly one Thanksgivingish promotion at the local IGA (they had a few whole turkeys available), but that’s it.

Thanksgiving was never a big deal growing up, but I do remember celebrating it on my dad’s side of the family several times. Looking at the holiday through adult eyes, I have to wonder where the heck we got the supplies. Do Quebec anglos have a Thanksgiving black market to turn to?

This holiday gained more meaning for me on the road as I found myself a few times with friends for whom not having turkey on Thanksgiving is unimaginable. And now that I’m eating meat again and love a turkey dinner with all the trimmings, I am surprised to find myself a little bereft this weekend.

But it’s all good because I will be in Virginia at my friend’s for the US Thanksgiving, where I have been assured I’ll be able to eat myself into a crazy turkey stupor. So all is not lost! 🙂

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  • Thanksgiving in the U.S. has always been a feast of way too much food. I still like the old traditional dishes though.

  • Good Morning Rae,

    Well, Happy Thanksgiving #1.
    My favorite part of the meal is the dressing or stuffing as some call it. Oh my golly gosh!, I don’t need anything else.

  • Martha, I hate to say it, but food in the U.S. always seems to be in over abundance. :-S

    Vicki, stuffing/dressing has always been my least favourite part of the meal, but I now have found some that I enjoy. I like mine quite dry rather than mushy. BTW, they are the same thing, but stuffing is cooked inside the bird and dressing is not! Can you imagine something so logical?! 😀

  • Rae,
    You’re making me really hungry.
    I like my dressing/stuffing dry rather than mushy (too). I like a bit of crunch from the onions & celery, plus the hint of rubbed sage… aaahhh good memories. I consider ours rather basic. Although when visiting with friends I have no trouble trying something new. 😉
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving 🙂


  • Happy Thanksgiving! And with that, I wanted to tell you that we are making the list for NOM NOM NOM NOM…..

  • Indeed, how are the deep fried turkeyites doing?? Must tag in!! BTW, landed, but waterless. Hopefully to be cured this week. Oh, and first S N O W day. Not much, just enough to remind folks it is coming!

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