New Water Pump Access Panel

The entrance stairwell is no longer an embarrassment! My mother cut a new access panel for the water pump/rear of the stairwell:

She cut the top of the board on a bevel to make the edge less catching. Notice the two little pulls for removing the panel. I gave the board several coats of dark brown spray paint today.

The board is held in place by two roller catches:

A visual check of the fresh water tank is the easiest way to monitor levels, so an easy access panel was important to me. This fits the bill!

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  • Very nice work!

  • I’m testing it now (just checked the holding tank level and am now filling). Works great! 😀

  • Rae – another job well done! When I had my previous RV (2000 Royal Classic), both the fresh water tank and water pump were located under the Queen bed.

  • I have absolutely no claim to praise for this project!

    I guess it’s true, then, that from 2000 onward, Glendale’s quality went down. I mean, who the heck puts a noisy water pump under a bed?!

  • It had some Pro’s and Cons :
    Very accessible and inside (less chance of freezing) and we could easily see how much water was in the tank. However, since we’re mostly on hookups the water pump was only used during actual travel…. I think all the RC’s were built to a high standard! Now we have a Triple E – again very well Canadian built……

  • I never hook up to city water now that I’ve learned that the key to keep the water system healthy is to keep it circulating.

    As for RC quality, I met someone with a 2001 a while back who said they had looked at that one and a 1999, and they regretted going with the newer model!

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