More Paint Touch Ups

Today, I decided to push ahead with the paint touch up project. The green in the office was the most pressing as there was a lot of damage to the walls from the installation of the new desk. I gently sanded the worst of the marks, then applied a couple of coats to the bad spots. There is still visible damage, but at least the colour is uniform.

Then, I pulled out the pink paint for the dressing room. Incidentally, that’s the pink that made me fall in love with pink. Until I fell upon that colour, I loathed pink. You’d never guess that now! I would love to repaint the dressing room in a shinier finish paint, but I’ll never be able to match the current colour exactly, so I prefer to do touch ups, most of which involved painting some of the new trim my mother installed. Most of the trim in the rig is brown, but if it’s on a coloured wall, then I paint it to match the wall.


Muuuuuuuch better.

The next colour I’m pulling out is the golden brown. That will be a rig-wide job that will warrant taking out a roller. And then priming the new wall. And then, the biggie, which is the yellow. I want to completely empty the front room, wash the walls really well, and do two coats over what’s already there and four coats over the new wall. I’m not touching the loft, however!

It’s only 1:30PM, so you’d think I could take the brown out today, but it’s just too dark in here to do a good job. The rain hasn’t come and I doubt it will, but the sky is very overcast. It’s windy out and quite cool. My after lunch beach walk was short!


The clouds were very dark this morning, but have lightened up.


I don’t think I’ll ever find anything more random washed up on a beach anywhere.

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  • That’s a jellyfish. Don’t step on it.

    Can you not get a paint chip from the wall and take it in to a paint store to match it?

  • Nope, that’s a head of iceberg lettuce! 😀

    I’ll never get an exact match. This colour is too perfect to just come close to it. 🙂

  • I love that Color pink, I used to paint my equipment at work that exact same pink. No one would ever take my stuff 🙂

  • LOL

    (The colour is showing up much more bubble gummy in the picture than in real life.)

  • A paint store dept employee told me the paint sample needs to be on paper for them to match it. Even then they can’t guarantee it’ll be exactly the same.

  • And if you change the finish of the paint (eg. from flat to eggshell) it gets even trickier!

  • I was guessing an onion.. ha

  • My cousin’s first guess was cucumber, then she got it right!

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