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More About the Registry and the Windshield, and Ken’s Assessment

Croft mentioned that sometimes dealerships will handle the registration of the newly purchased vehicle. That was my experience in Quebec with my two new Accents. But this place wasn’t set up for that and I already had a license plate, albeit with expired tags. Surely I could drive five blocks to the registry without getting pulled over.

The minute I stepped out of the truck at the registry office, a cop came up to me! “I sure hope you’re going in there.” I replied in the affirmative and asked if he wanted to hear the story. Nope. All was good. Of course the registration was only a few days overdue.

The lady at the counter had a hard time finding the right plate and I got nervous. I detailed the instructions I’d been given and she apologized, telling me the problem was at her end and that I’d done everything right. She finally found the plate, made the transfer, accepted $80 something bucks, and handed me the year sticker for my plate.

Now, the windshield.


It was at least six big cracks and at least as many chips. It did not pass the Alberta safety inspection. There is no way I’m getting across the border with it. I have an appointment at 8:00 tomorrow to have it replaced for $250 plus GST. It will mean I won’t be able to leave until 2:00ish, so I won’t be getting as far as my property, but at least I will be legal and safe. The fact that I needed a new windshield and an oil change was ammunition during the bargaining phase. I have absolutely no problem paying for the replacement and am irked only about the lost time tomorrow.

Ken has gone over the truck and taken it for a test drive. He says that it is “very mechanically sound”, that I got a great deal, and that there are no concerns about me driving across the continent. I am going to need a tune up before the fall, but I don’t need to worry about anything right now. The condition of the tires, the engine, and the presence of receipts showing basic maintenance at the minimum has always been done tells us the truck was not abused. I feel even better now about my purchase!

I power washed the bed today and set up camp. It’s really tight in there right now, but my mother and I are going to build a platform for the bed to get it over the wheel so I’ll gain a few inches.



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  • wow, they look at the windshield?? They could give a flying flip if ya even have a windshield here! They just care about air pollution, you pay $9.00 to get inspected for that and you are done.

  • Sounds like you got a great deal. Next time I need a car I’d like to have you negotiate for me 🙂 Hope you have a safe trip back to your Mom’s place.

  • You are on a roll! 🙂 Sounds like all good stuff!!

  • http://www.polyvore.com/campervan_car_air_freshener/thing?id=34567815

    Here is your new truck air freshener to hang on the rear view mirror! Too cute or what? lol Hint.. it’s marshmallow scented! Oh darn they are sold out!

  • Gina, you’re hilarious!

  • Thanks, Gary!

  • Thanks, Pleinguy.

  • Gina, yes, the customs agents could determine my vehicle unfit to be on US roads.

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