Minus Ten!

From a predicted low of minus eight, we hit minus ten last night!!!

But here is where things get extraordinary. I turned the furnace on to 16 last night and went to bed with just blankets and a tuque. Not only did I end up having a super comfortable night, but the furnace never kicked on, and it’s just chilly in here, not cold, this morning! Radiant heaters are definitely the way to go!

The cushions covering the windows in the loft also make a huge different.

Of course, at this temperature, I can’t even get anything out of my fresh water tank, so I’m happy that I can get water in the house.

We’ll be staying below freezing for a couple of days and then things are going to warm up.


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  • Well, your in the banana belt!!!…I dont personaly care for Vancouver much, but when the windchill here in Calgary is -33C…well, i could get used to the crazy west coast.

  • Brrr. I am glad we chose the south, I am such a wimp for cold!! We are encountering our first rainy day. Not enough to cause flash floods, but a legitimate effort. I will take a shot for the blog. Inside we are at about 68F.

    BTW, we are enjoying your travels of seasons past. Keep it up 🙂

  • Well, there is always moving into the house as a backup! There is a (noisy) 120 volt heater in the workshop you can move into the rig if needed. Plug it into the outlet in Norma’s garden shed – it is on a different 30 amp circuit. Don’t freeze, you are more than welcome to move into the house as you know!

  • There is a heat gun in the tub of electric tools if you need it for thawing anything out. Be careful – it gets REAL hot on the high setting.

  •  Nelson, I’m actually on Vancouver Island, which is another world from Vancouver! Both Vancouver and the Island are indeed better weatherwise than Calgary, that’s for sure!

  • Donna, I’m so eager to experience a winter like you guys are enjoying!

    Glad you like the TWOM series. One left!

  • No worries, I would move into the house if necessary, but so far I’m comfy! And it’s only supposed to get warmer!

  • Thanks for the tip about the heat gun! I don’t think I’ll bother since the temps are going to keep going up (hence why I didn’t bother with heat tape, either), but it’s good to know it’s there if we get a longer cold snap.

  • Hi there, I understand you are in Campbell River, I am going to be up there on the 16th of this month and would like to purchase one of your Chilcton dvd from you. Could you please let me know where you will be or how to contact you. Thank you very much

  • Hi Maureen,

    I believe you are speaking of my ebook about the Chilkoot, ‘Echoes of ’98?’ If you do not feel comfortable buying and downloading it online, I’d be happy to burn you a copy onto a DVD for no extra cost. Email’s the best way of getting hold of me; rae@uskeba.ca.

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