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Makeover Kickoff!

As funds present themselves this winter, I plan to begin a complete makeover of Miranda to fix her little imperfections, make her reflect my personality, and combat some of the wear and tear on a twelve year old RV not designed for full-timing. I’ve been planning this makeover for six months now and have determined which projects will be done in what order, as funds avail themselves. I could luck out with work this winter and get enough funds to do everything, or I might only end up doing a few things, but as my favourite architect says “A good house is never done” so I will content myself with what I can do to make Miranda moreΒ livable.

My first project was one of the more blurry items on my to-do list, one of those problems that can only be resolved when you’re staring at the solution. I hadn’t been at Croft and Norma’s more than an hour when Croft was showing me around the workshop and casually told me that I could use some doors if I found a purpose for them….

Using only materials Croft and I had on hand, I now have an over-fridge cabinet!

To keep myself honest, I decided that I am going to detail how much money I’m laying on this project. Total cost so far is $0.00. πŸ™‚ I used some 1X2’s Croft had lying around to build the supports for the fixed panels. For the fixed panels, I dug deep into my large pass-through compartment to get the boards for the other bed. Now that I know I won’t be selling Miranda and will most definitely not be needing those boards any more, I can use them for my projects to keep a matching finish throughout the rig. I used Croft’s nails and my own screws, his wood glue and my own braces. One thing I was especially grateful to have access to was his brand new table saw! Works great, Croft! πŸ™‚ It’s amazing how much more quickly a project goes when you have a table saw instead of having to fight with a combination of a jigsaw and miter saw!

The project’s not quite done, but isn’t far off. The space wasn’t even remotely square, to my immense surprise, so I decided that it would be easier to add trim to cover up gaps than to try to cut the particleboard exactly, something I know would probably be impossible to do. I also need latches for the door to keep it closed. Neither items are particularly expensive and I’ll pick them up next time I’m out and about. The final thing is to get a door pull, but that will wait until I’m much further along in the renovation process and know exactly how many more pulls I’ll need seeing as they come from Lee Valley and are cheaper when bought in bulk, plus I’m sure I’ll need other goodies from them.

I’m very pleased with how this project turned out!

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  • Nice job Rae! I am very impressed. I’m glad you didn’t catch a finger in the table saw and that my “pusher” worked!

  • Thanks, Croft!

    My fingers were foremost on my mind as I used the saw; I’m glad I had that pusher. πŸ™‚

  • I suspect that space was actually for the microwave seeing it has a plug. Of course it would require operation by someone not too “vertically challenged”.

  • That really doesn’t make sense to me, Croft, since the microwave fits so nicely over the fridge. http://travelswithmiranda.uskeba.ca/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/kitchenstovesink.jpg

    Hmm… the mystery deepens…

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  • Rae, I’m so impressed with your abilities! Do you have photos of the interior of your home that I can see? I just got the 1997 29′ Class C..no slides in Feb. SInce I downsized from 40′ 3 slide DP, I’m not very happy. The biggest problem is drawers, I carry to much clothes I guess, but I have gotton rid of a lot that I wanted to keep! I removed the Booth and put a recliner in place. That is something I have to have! My feet up and laptop on my lap. I don’t cook much and never ate at the table anyway. I’m going to look in my bathroom to see if I can put a shelf over head like you have. I can barely hammer a nail, even have trouble checking the tire pressure! Just can’t get that thing in the valve just right. Seems like you stay in cold weather, is your rig insulated enough for that? I’m concerned this one will be drafty. KUDOS to you girl, you are a insperation!

  • Thanks for your comments, Cookie! If you go to the ‘About Miranda’ page you’ll see links to pages about the rooms in Miranda and what’s been done to them, as well as links to the posts about that room’s makeover.

    If it’s any consolation, I have thus far avoided checking my own tire pressure. πŸ˜‰

    As for cold weather, I’m good till minus ten C if I shut off the water. πŸ™‚

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