Life’s a Beach

I am not going to explicitly state where I am right now. I’m sure anyone who’s good with Google will be able to find the location, but I found this place thanks to the Texas Frugal Shunpiker Guide and I’m not going to give away this information!

Some clues:

– I am on a hard packed crushed shell public beach (I would be too nervous to park on sand)

– I am near Port Lavaca

– I can stay here as long as I please

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  • What a completely incredible location!

    Sorry about that windshield, but that’s just part of the deal when you travel all over the place.

    Enjoy the view!

  • Yeah, but the windshield is BRAND NEW. *sobs*

  • Brand new, that figures 🙁

    I guess it is that way with all of us, as soon as you get something new something happens to it. But when you have the same old thing for years and nothing happens.

  • Very nice spot! Lots of sun for the solar panel! You are good to go!

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