Less Fun Than Having My Wisdom Teeth Pulled

What. A. Weekend.

My computer was behaving normally on Friday evening, but yesterday morning it started to freeze, requiring a hard reboot. It really felt like it got abducted by Microsoft fiends overnight as that’s how my last Windows machine behaved daily. After a couple of those hard reboots it refuse to boot again. Uh oh.

I decided after spending some time on the ‘support’ forums that I never want to go back there again. People get a perverse pleasure out of suggesting a worst-case scenario. Anyway, it took a good part of the day for me to figure out how to run some hardware diagnostics and determine that my hard drive ($$) and logic board ($$$$$) are fine. I actually learned more about troubleshooting Macs yesterday than I have in the eight years since I made the switch! And I am very impressed by all the tools available. I could never have hoped to troubleshoot a Windows machine to this degree.

By late evening, I was seriously backed up on transcription and needed the issue resolved. Since the trouble appeared to be software related, I decided to just wipe my hard drive and reinstall OSX. I’m sure there could have been a more techie solution, but this was easy and I was confident that a clean install would fix the problem.

Once I had a fresh copy of OS X set up, I restored my old system using my last Time Machine backup. That took the night and I woke up to a happy computer as though I hadn’t lost a whole day with it. If I had known how to run the hardware diagnostics, I could have had the system restored and running again by lunch. Oh, well, live and learn.

The moral of this story is that you should back up your computer often!!! Time Machine backs up automatically every hour, with the last one being just before I went to bed on Friday. Since I wasn’t able to do anything yesterday morning, I didn’t lose anything, making the decision to wipe the drive an easy one.

I’d like to invite my Mac-using readers to hold down CMD-V the next time they boot up. That will bring them to Verbose Mode, which means that instead of seeing a splash screen, you will see what’s actually happen to your system to bring it to life. Very interesting!

This incident just made me fall in love with Macs all over again and shows me just how far I’ve come with them. I had some major issues with my first Mac that were 100% attributed to my being used to using them. Eight years later, I can debug issues myself. Even with that long of using Windows, I wouldn’t have dreamed of that level of proficiency with the system.

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  • I’m telling you, Linux gremlins.

  • Listening to you is like watching the Manchurian Candidate. 😉

  • Hee! Or as Blair would say: Dun Dun DUNNNNNNNNN
    (suspense music)

  • LOL

  • Ouch! These are the things that give me a stomach ache! Glad it worked out in the end. Now, fun’s over! Back o work!

  • My day job feels like a vacation after the weekend I had!!!

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