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It’s… Green

I don’t know if it’s the weather or the fact that you can only walk around the beach so many times, but tonight I was hit with a case of cabin fever bad enough that I actually considered driving an hour to Victoria to catch a movie! Instead, I decided to go to Port Lavaca and have another meal at La antigua to get a firm grip on whether I really like it or not.

I’ve been criticized in the past for posting about restaurant outings, being told by folks that if they wanted to read a food blog, they would read a food blog. But to me, food and travel are intimately linked. And I think that a post about local cuisine and its effects on me will never be off topic.

Tonight, I decided to try something new, ‘enchiladas verdes’ with ‘green sauce.’ I asked the server what tornatillo was, not realising it was a typographical error on the menu and actually tomatillo (r + n does look like m). Her response of, “It’s green” would be hilarious to any classic Star Trek fan. She was able to confirm that it was not a very spicy dish. All right, let’s see if my taste buds do a happy dance.

The enchiladas were made with corn tortillas (which I am starting to really enjoy) filled with ‘fajita chicken’ and topped with green sauce, sour cream, and sliced avocado.

Well… the green sauce was full of chopped cilantro, which does not agree with me and which I think tastes vile. But cilantro is so trendy nowadays that it is in everything and I have more tolerance to it. Mixed with the tomatillos and other spices, I didn’t find the herb offensive at all. I didn’t scrape my plate clean of green sauce, but I would most certainly order this dish again. What a breakthrough!

But that’s not what made the meal so special for me though. I took one bite of the plain avocado topping my meal and I swear I heard angels sing. I finally understand what the fuss is all about! Wow! I would have gladly had just that fresh sweet avocado to cool the heat of my meal instead of the heavy sour cream, and I adore sour cream! I’ve always found avocado to be bland. I think it’s just because I’ve never had truly fresh locally grown avocado. This wasn’t bland at all. I should have stopped for avocados on the way home because I am going to be craving them in the next few days!

Yup, I like La antigua and I will have to go back at least one more time for green enchiladas!

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  • Um, I hope that you mean a typographical error and not topographical error, as that implies your menu was a map. Which, I guess it was, of a sort. ;D

  • Your blog is always interesting. Where and what you eat and if it was good are part of your adventures.

    I love avocados and could eat them every day. We lived in a house in Key West that had a big avocado tree, we cut them in half, took out the pit and filled the hole with Italian dressing. We used a spoon to eat them right from the skin. Now I want one!

  • Bast, OMG, I can’t believe I didn’t catch that. LOL!

  • Caroline, I’m going to try that!

  • giggle. I only pointed it out because it made me laugh and I knew you wouldn’t mind.

  • With fajitas, in tacos, on a salad, yum yum yum.!!

  • I like your reviews of restaurants, too! I like to hear all about your exciting alternative lifestyle. It’s so foreign to me, and is so interesting. Every aspect of it. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  • Bast, it reminds me of the time I wrote a story where someone vouched for the other person’s voracity rather than veracity!

    Gina, keep those avocado ideas coming!

    Athena, I find most of my life so boring. 😀

  • Grill the avocados…halve them…flesh side down on the grill…or griddle…or skillet….get them good and warm…fill the center with your favorite taco fixings….enjoy….good stuff!!!

  • Lisa, wow, that sounds yummy!

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  • Not sure which kind of avocado you are finding, but if Haas, then they are smallish, and buttery. Florida avocados are entirely different. They tend to be about three times the size of a Haas, and have a more . . . “slippery”, I guess would be the word, consistency.

    I must admit to loving the Haas a lot more, but it was lovely to have a tree right in my own backyard when I lived in Florida. It had been planted in 1951, so you can imagine how big it is. My son still lives in the house, but I think Hurricane Andrew played havoc with the tree in 1992, and he doesn’t particularly like avocados! 🙁

  • It sounds like I am eating Haas avocados. Small, dark, wrinkly, delicious. Sound about right? 🙂

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