Improving a Bare Room

I have a confession to make: I can’t remember the last time I saw the floor in the toilet room.

It’s crowded in there, with toilet paper stacked on one side, paper towels and kleenex stacked on the other. Today, I took a huge step to making this room prime storage real estate.


The shelf is at exactly the right height to fit two rolls of toilet paper stacked on top of each other and is still high enough for a tall person to get up comfortably from the toilet.

I went to Home Depot to get some brackets to affix the shelf to the wall. This was my strangest Home Depot visit ever seeing as staff was super helpful! My first stop was to get the door catches for the over fridge cabinet (2.50$ total) and I hadn’t been two minutes in the hardware section that a helpful clerk was directing me to the door aisle. Next stop was braces and after finding what I wanted, I started to look at screws when yet another helpful clerk came to see if I needed help. I didn’t think I did, but this guy was clever and he managed to take me from ‘I’m fine, thanks’ to ‘I’m looking to screw something into motorhome paneling to hold a shelf’ in about thirty seconds. He talked me out of screws and braces and suggested I use an adhesive. So, having a tube of No More Nails at home, I left with my door catches only, having saved about 5$. Finally, I wasn’t even at the cash yet when a cashier waved and told me she could help me. Very, very, very strange. I noticed last year that service out west is better than out east and that seems to be holding!

I’m now giving the glue time to cure before I load the shelf.  I’m not putting anything heavy up there and the shelf is wedged in tightly, so I’m sure that the adhesive will be enough to hold the whole thing up, even under driving conditions. Time will tell.

Total project cost so far is $0.00 seeing as I had the glue and supporting pieces and Croft told me I could help myself to his plywood scraps. 🙂

When I get around to trim, I’ll add some to the front of the shelf to give it a nice finish. Paint will also happen sometime in the near future.

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  • So, tell us, how did you get the shelf up there with “no nails” all over the edges without spreading it from yesterday till tomorrow? How is it being held with the adhesive sets?

  • Norman, as I said the shelf is wedged in super tight! I just applied a thin bead in the middle of the edge, then shoved it into place, and wiped away the excess. Then, I applied glue to two sides the supporting pieces–the one that touches the wall and the one that touches the shelf. They are being held by the adhesive only (!). I really think that the supporting pieces are over kill, but we’ll see once I hit the road!

  • Are you going to add fidrails, so you can leave stuff up there while driving?

  • The previous owners left me some spring-loaded curtain rods that will be perfect for keeping things from moving. It’ll be easier to work with than adding a rail and trying to get stuff over it.

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