I Guess There Are Some Things You Never Forget

I decided to order the best pizza on the continent for dinner. The last time I phoned in an order was, oh, 15 years ago or so.

So I’m rather a little amused that it was only after I ended the call that I realised that I dialed the number without looking it up. I couldn’t tell you what my last phone number was, but after 15 years I still remember the number for Tre Colori. The human brain never ceases to amuse me!

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  • I can tell you what my phone number was when I was in kindergarten 60 years ago. I must have had that one really drilled into me. Either that or it is because they just kept adding more digits to the front of it as I grew so I basically still had that number when I was 15 even though we moved across town in the middle of those years. I guess that’s why I always thought I grew up in a small town though it was actually a good-sized city.

  • I read, or heard, a story about Einstein. He was asked for his telephone number and he looked it up in the directory. When asked why he did not know his telephone number he said: I don’t clutter my mind with information that I can look up.

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