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Friday Afternoons Are Rarely Fun

Today was fairly laid back. I had a couple of appointments past 4:00 so I went out mid-afternoon to do a deposit and grab an espresso. All was well and even with the late end to the work day, I was easing into weekend mode. Well…

My first appointment was for a move-in. I try to check the places ahead of time, but I knew this one was okay, having done a walk-through after the cleaning, so imagine my surprise when I walked in and discovered that someone from maintenance decided to be ‘helpful’ and mud some spots on the dining room wall, the hallway, and the bathroom door, then obviously forgotten to tell me to call the painter!

I was horrified! The tenant was speechless. I asked him what time he had planned to move in and he said 6:00. I promised that the paint would be done by then. I ran to our paint room and got everything I needed, then came back and did the sanding and painting myself. Thankfully, these were small areas, so by the time I got all the spots and doors done, the paint was dry enough to go over everything a second time. I cleaned up then raced by to the office to meet my next appointment.

As we talked, there came a knock at my door; the son of a tenant coming to inform me that he just got home to an inch of water in the storage room and a leak in a ceiling that looked ready to collapse. Maintenance was off duty except for dire emergencies, so I grabbed a bucket, a mop, and a garbage bag. The ceiling is essentially cardboard tile, so I knocked it all down into a garbage bag, mopped the floor, and placed a bucket under the very slow leak.

It was by this point that I was able to check my email and discover that Jody was having as wonderful an end to her week as I was. Hopefully, we’ll both get sorted out in time for us to go to a bloggable activity. I can’t promise you to stay tuned, but hopefully I’ll have something interesting later tonight. 🙂

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  • Good thing you grabbed the espresso before everything fell apart. 🙂

  • Indeed! 🙂

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