First Purchases for Miranda!

I had a lovely time in upstate New York yesterday and picked up a few items for my coach (ignore all prices on the websites, I only picked up stuff on sale!!!):

Garmin Nuvi 260 GPS (how, praytell, have I traveled all this time without a GPS?!);

APS 750V battery back-up system (UPS) and surge protector, for my computer set up of course;

Black & Decker Pet Series hand vac, which they claim is specifically engineered to pick up pet hair (the reviews support this);

Corelle Sandstone dinnerware–I decided after a lot of hemming and hawing to get a plain colour because the coach was going to look ‘busy’ enough;

Stanley Stud Sensor, because I want to make as few holes as possible in my coach (and got quite the lesson in the mobile house);

collapsible over the sink strainer;

collapsible measuring cups (and matching spoons);

and, finally, let’s not forget my

Wonder Wash, which was a gift.

The trip was well worth the time and gas I expended… especially since gas is so much cheaper in the US. When I bought two gallons worth at the last gas station before the border, the attendant took my ten bucks and laughed, saying that it’s easy to spot Canadians these days–they’re the ones topping off their almost full tanks before going home!

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  • Yeah, but did you buy the rig?

  • Hey girl… one is to imagine that you did purchase the rig when you started telling us about purchasing accessories… nice pictures by the way!

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