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Feeling a Little Blind

My friend and I were both due for an eye exam and new glasses, so today we headed over to the optometrist at the Walmart to have our vision checked. I was very impressed by the office and also the cost ($69 for the basic exam + $10 for the peripheral vision test + $25 for the dilation test), much cheaper than I’d been quoted anywhere in Canada (but I never thought to ask at a Walmart).

I’ve been needing new glasses for ages, but haven’t been due for an exam, so I put off getting replacements as long as I could. Now, I can go ahead and order several pairs at Zenni Optical with my new prescription. I’ve never ordered from them, but several people, including my friend, have, so I feel very comfortable going that route.

My eye health is good and I need an ever so slightly stronger prescription than I’ve been wearing. The doc said that if I wasn’t due for glasses, I could even skip this prescription. So that was good news today!

As for the title of my post, my eyes are still painfully dilated and my vision is ever so blurry. I’m glad I didn’t have to drive home!

Feeling just a tad photo sensitive right now.

Before my appointment, my friend took me to lunch at Panera Bread. WOW! How come I have never been to this chain before?! From now on, if I need wifi and/or an electrical plug in, I will look for a Panera Bread before a McDonalds or Starbucks. The food is tasty, good for you, and inexpensive. I was very impressed!

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  • Hi Rae,

    Thanks for sharing about Zenni Optical. I too need new glasses & a prescription. Can you give an update when you get your glasses? When you get your glasses, do you go back to any optometrist for a fit? Just wondering. 😐

    Oh, fresh bread!, is soo good.

    Hope your eyes feel (& look 😉 ) better soon.

    Have a great day 🙂

  • Vicki, I will post an update when I get them.

    If they need adjusting, Walmart will do so at no charge.

    Their breads are sooooo yummy. And they had the best cheddar broccoli soup I’ve ever tasted!

    As for my eyes, they are still wonky. 🙂

  • Yeah, a two-fer!
    Wifi & great food!
    Rest up & take care

  • Isn’t Panera great? We had not found one until Biloxi.

    You are lucky regarding the eyesight. If you ever get to AZ, drive down to Algodones, MX for glasses. Very professional and great prices.

  • It is certainly a jewel!

    I plan to go to Nuevo Progreso this winter (provided it’s still safe) and was going to do the dentist and eyeglasses at the same time. Now, I’ll just do the dentist. I can’t imagine Mexican prices for glasses being that much cheaper than what I’ll end up paying, but I could end up kicking myself. Anyway, I didn’t want to wait a couple more months.

  • The bread bowl @ Panera is my fave. You can slurp up the soup without even using a spoon, simply sopping it with the bread bits.

  • I want to try that next! It’s going to have to be clam chowder. 😀

  • Whoa, you ain’t kiddin’. I just clicked on the pic. Them puppies is dilated.
    Hope it was at least cloudy on the way home. Close those drapes!

  • Bob, and they were WORSE an hour before! They didn’t relax until this morning. Owwwwww. The office came me some shades to protect them. I needed to use them!

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