Domestic Bliss

It’s amazing how long the days are when you don’t have to waste time at a job. Even after I’ve done as many billable hours as I can, worked some leads, and caught up on my bookkeeping, there’s still time to clean the rig, take walks, go swimming, and be silly with the cats. At the rate I’m going, I might actually finish the toilet room and get the dressing room done! I also have a library project I’m itching to get to, in addition to desperately needing new window coverings for the study.

The weather today wasn’t as nice as the last few; very windy and overcast, and it only went into the high teens (*cough, cough*), but still nice enough to throw open windows and roof hatches. I even had the front door open all day, something I didn’t do once this summer, and which delighted Neelix who loves to lie on the landing and stare through the screen door.

I just love being home; there’s no better place to be!

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  • Bon matin Rae, glad things have turned around and are goin so good for you cher. Hope the coming days continue to be as good or even better.

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