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Apr 3, 2013 -

Storm Aftermath

The storm that threatened to drench us last night appeared at about 11:00! It was very loud, with a lot of thunder and tons of lightening, but the rain didn’t seem to last that long. None of the other RVs seemed poised to move, so I stayed put. The ground is definitely spongey this morning.

The soak did both my truck and Miranda a lot of good. I still need to spray the underside of Miranda for salt, but otherwise her chalky layer is gone. I do see that both Miranda and the truck topper are due for some Poli Glow, but that won’t happen till I get somewhere with a ladder and plenty of water.

My host from Dallas phoned last night. It’s funny how I just about never get calls and I got three or four last night! At any rate, I am infinitely grateful to have secured such a good landing spot in Dallas.

Croft and Norma are a mere two hours away right now, but they’re too busy to drive two hours round trip to meet me halfway and I’m way too busy to drive four hours round trip to get to them, so I guess we’ll be like ships passing in the night. Dang! How can so close be so far away?

Today really doesn’t feel like my last day in San Antonio. I just have one more thing to do here and I need to talk to my host, Teri, about it. As per a recent comment, Caroline isn’t in Austin, so really, I don’t feel any pull to the city at all. So I may just stay here long enough to do one more tourist thing, and then do a straight shot to Dallas.

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Apr 1, 2013 -

My Sun Dance Worked!

Woohoo, we have blue sky!

I’m a full 10AH up from where I was this morning and have 1.5 to 3A coming in. Still not great and nowhere near a full charge, but a huge improvement over this morning!

I’ve got another reason to love Panera Bread, they have hazelnut coffee. Not hazelnut creamer, but hazelnut-infused beans. So I can have my black coffee with just a hint of skim milk and still get that hazelnut flavour without all the nasty chemicals and calories. I don’t even want to think about how much caffeine I’ve had today. 😀

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Apr 1, 2013 -

Panera Morning

Gah, another heavy sky day ahead and I was down 45AH this morning. I ran the engine for an hour and gained 7AH, but that still put me at 38AH down and no charging in sight. It was definitely going to be a coffee shop kind of day.

I’d noticed a Panera Bread while running errands the other day, so I headed out there. It’s quiet, the food’s good, there’s power, and I’m even using the wifi since I am going through bandwidth like crazy this month and my cell connection is SUPER slow in Von Ormy (which is strange since I had high speed internet on the beach).

The only downside is that they don’t serve soup until lunch and I didn’t want to be here during the lunch rush, so I’m having to make due with a sandwich when I really wanted a bowl of their broccoli cheddar soup. I may end up taking some to go for my dinner! I did score a free brownie since I had my birthday recently. How lovely of them! It just came up when the gal scanned my card. This is the second or third time I’ve had a freebie in the short time I’ve had and used the card.

It is nice to get an excuse to go out like this, but, really, a little sun would be nice!

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