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May 4, 2013 -

Stromsburg to Columbus (both NE)

Ah, this is the kind of travel day that would be normal for me if I was an American and could just travel at a leisurely pace all the time.

After an incredibly lazy morning, I got packing just before noon, when the temps hit +5C and the wind had died down a little. It was chilly, but tolerable, for dumping and hooking up the toad.

I pulled out at about 12:05 and drove to Shelby, where I had identified through Google Maps a gas station that would be an easier in and out than the ones I’d pass before. I took on 47 gallons of gas, so I was definitely running on fumes! That put my MPG for the trip from Wichita at 5.8. OUCH!!!

My GPS is useless for finding campgrounds, so I just left it on map to show me upcoming roads, and I navigated with a Post-It that indicated my turns. I’m glad I only had an hour to drive because it was incredibly windy and I could only move at a snail’s pace. The only good thing about driving in such conditions is that my biceps get quite a workout.

I had absolutely no trouble finding the Loup Park campground. I haven’t quite figured out this place. It’s carved into a hill and power posts appear to be scattered willy nilly. I’m much too long for any of the obvious sites, so I parallel parked along a secondary loop. If it was summer and busy, I would have likely tried somewhere else as I feel a little in the way, even though the road is clear, but for two nights in early May, I am fine. Getting myself leveled was a bit of work, but I finally managed it. Oh, I just saw the sheriff go by and he ignored me, so I’m obviously not blocking anyone.


I need to show off my latest MAJOR, life-changing improvement to my RV. TAH-DAH!


The cubbies traveled that way, rather than turned to the wall to keep the drawers from moving. I can do that now because the drawers are finally secured! It was one of my neighbours at Hidden Valley who came up with the solution in mere seconds when everyone else had failed!

The answer was… Velcro!

IMGP6700 IMGP6701

The beige blobs are dried Gorilla glue that I used to adhere the Velcro to the surfaces. I knew that the stuff really expands, so I put just a drop, but it was still too much. In other words, I had to pry my drawers open once everything was dry. Go easy on the Gorilla glue, folks!

I’m off to find the movie theatre. I just realised it’s Saturday afternoon, so I’d better arrive early. There is a 3D showing at 3:30 and a 2D one at 4:00, so I should be able to squeeze into one or the other. I can’t believe I saw Iron Man 2 in Dawson City!

And finally, OMG IT’S %%@#$%&@)( COLD HERE!

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May 4, 2013 -

Not a Great Day To Move

Dang, I really should have packed up and moved yesterday, even though I was insanely busy. 🙁 It’s been one of those mornings where I cranked up the furnace, went back to bed, and wished I could have stayed there all day.

With the wind chill, it feels like it’s below freezing out there. I’ll give it another couple of hours and then head out.

I was going to take on water, but have decided not to at this point to lighten the rig a little, something I have never felt I needed to do. I’m also going to dump the tanks for the same reason, although a good rinse of the black one will have to wait until Hankinson. I am keeping a few jugs of potable water on board for cleaning up.

I’m also going to wait as long as possible to get gas, again to reduce the load. It’s windy out there! 🙁

I’d like to be settled in Columbus by 3:00 p.m.ish so that I can catch a 4:00 p.m showing of Iron Man 3, which would let me get home early enough to make a good dinner as I need to start bringing down some of my stores.

I checked the rules for going back into Canada and I don’t think I will have any issues with anything on board (like pork chops and ham), but I am going to keep everything in original packages. Citrus is always tricky, so last night I juiced the rest of a big bag ‘o limes into some pretty dang tasty limeade.

It’s boggling that it’s May 4th and the weather is still like this, with no end in sight. Last year, spring sprung and stuck on April 23rd!

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Apr 29, 2013 -

Screwed Yet Again By the Most Unpredictable Variable

There has been some really nice responses to my last post, but they were surpassed by some really rude ones that just blew me away by their ignorance, lack of compassion, and short-sightedness.

I’m going to take you back to my first winter on the road, ’08 to ’09. It was a really brutal one and I ended up having to move to the very expensive Vancouver area where I was just about bled dry financially.

This year, I might have been able to stay below the bad weather, much worse than that of my first winter, it still screwed me over.

I had a really good budget for this winter and the funds to cover it. I’m actually super happy with my number crunching. What has led to the mess I’m in right now is the damned weather.

When I set off, I had a very good idea of how much fuel it was going to take me to go from various points on my US itinerary straight back to Canada as the crow flies. My intention was always that if I had several major unexpected expenses happen and started to feel a pinch, I would immediately return to Canada by the shortest route possible and get a contract or other job. I wouldn’t have said anything here about my financial situation and would have come up with a pretext for going north early.

But, SURPRISE, the roads north have been IMPASSABLE this winter. I’m basically trapped in a country where my money-making options are limited and suddenly I’ve got a bunch of major expenses that go beyond what I could have reasonably been expected to budget for. I am just lucky that my living expenses here are so low otherwise I would have had to find a loan shark or pawn Miranda or something equally drastic!

So that’s the scoop and all I have to say about this topic for now.

L and I are off to do some touristy stuff, so you can look forward to a FUN post later today. 🙂

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