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Apr 3, 2011 -

Ichiban Sushi Bar, Florence, OR

I forgot to write about the Ichiban Sushi Bar in Florence when I was on the Oregon Coast and it definitely warrants a post!

This is a restaurant I would not have walked into for sushi without a recommendation since it is a combination ‘Chinese’ and Japanese establishment. But I was in the electronics department of Fred Meyer and overheard the cashier tell the couple ahead of me that they just had to try this restaurant and that only good things were being heard about it.

I headed there the next day for lunch and was greeted like a celebrity. What friendly, happy people work there! The restaurant is new and the decor is fresh and clean.

The server started by telling me the specials, which included tempura rolls and ones with cream cheese. I told the server I don’t like those and he left me to peruse the the huge and extensive menu that includes several combo meals. I decided to go the more expensive à la carte route and ordered cautiously: miso soup, a tempura entrée, and tekka maki (tuna rolls).

The meal started off well with a miso soup that had a drop of soy sauce in it. The broth was very hearty, the seaweed chewy, and the tofu tender. Perfect! Same thing with the tempura, which included broccoli, yams, zucchini, and shrimp; light on the batter and the oil did not taste old. Tekka maki is such a simple roll, but it’s a good one to test how fresh the sushi is and this one was fresh, with the sweet sashimi almost melting in my mouth.

Everything was so good that when the waiter came by to ask me how I was doing I asked for a menu so I could order another roll!

I asked for something with salmon. I was then paid what I consider a compliment; the server said “I know you prefer traditional Japanese rolls [not entirely true since I like spicy tuna and California rolls], but our Oregon roll is very delicious.” At this point, I can’t recall all the ingredients, but I know it included salmon, imitation crab, a bit of mayo, and sesame seeds. I decided to try it and, oh! YUM! It’s definitely not something I would have tried on my own and I am glad I trusted the server. It was savoury and sweet, tender and chewy, basically everything that defines what makes sushi so addictive.

I would have loved to order one more thing, but I was stuffed by this point so I called for the bill. With tip and only water to drink it came to $20. A bit expensive for lunch, but reasonable for going with individual choices instead of a special.

Ichiban is located right on highway 101, on the west side of the road, just a few blocks north of the intersection with highway 126. It’s up from the road a bit and you could definitely park an RV in the lot.

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Mar 27, 2011 -

Out of Oregon, Through Washington, and Into Idaho

I opted for an early start today since I was looking at a drive of at least 5 hours to Worley, Idaho, where I plan to sleep for a couple of nights. I decided to get fuel before leaving since all Oregon gas stations have service. What luxury! 🙂

The drive along the Oregon side of the Columbia River was smooth and splendid. I slowly pushed north into eastern Washington where emerald hills gave way to olive scrub grass.

Kennewick was tricky. It’s downhill right through town with the speed limit going from 55 to 50 to 35 with no warning, in addition to plenty of turns and lights. I opted to start off slow and quickly shifted into a lower gear. I still had to jam the brakes at one of the very last lights that turned yellow just as I entered the ‘can’t stop now!’ zone.

Lunch was had at the Sprague Lake rest area, just in time to miss a mighty two minute hail storm! The view of the valley was wide open and I enjoyed watching a colourful train snake its way east.

Spokane was zippy, but not too harrowing. I then allowed the GPS to lead me onto secondary roads that wended their way through farmland… dotted with snow.

I crossed the state line into Idaho, with my ETA being ten more minutes, and I was ready to stop. But there’s a ton of construction around the casino and my GPS got confused. It told me to go straight and turn right onto I-95. There was a sign ahead of me saying ‘casino’ with an arrow pointing straight. I could only see construction below me, so I followed the GPS and went about ten kilometres south with it continuously ‘recalculating’ but certain that I was going the wrong way. I did a legal U-turn and came back up I-95, saw a sign saying ‘casino next exit’… and ended up right where I started from! The casino wound up being the mess of construction!

There was a sign for RV parking leading to a very unlevel gravel area. It was messy to get in and I had to pick my way around debris, but I finally got Miranda squared away on a couple of levelers. Driving the toad in and out of here isn’t going to be fun. I’m pretty sure the Demptster at its worst was better than the entrance into this place!

I went down to the casino to see if I had to register (no), look at the restaurants (nothing interesting), played $4 in the slots as payment for tonight’s parking, and ran out of there because I couldn’t breathe through all the smoke! I won’t be spending much time there!

Coeur d’Alene is a full 35 kilometres away from Worley. I debated whether or not to do an internet run tonight and decided on it just so I can plan my day tomorrow.

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Mar 26, 2011 -

Giles French Park at John Day Dam

Here are a few pictures I took of Giles French Park when I went out to stretch my legs after the sun finally came out. The variations in the greens make for a striking landscape.

This really is a great spot! We’re perhaps a half dozen rigs spread out over the entire area. I parked as far away from everyone as I could because every single one of the other rigs had a generator sitting by it. I don’t hear the gensets from my rig. There is only the steady drone of I-84 traffic and the regular clatter of trains. Both are ‘white noise’ to me. The trains don’t bother me in the least since they don’t whistle. They made the cats uppity at first, but once they saw I didn’t care they stopped fussing.

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