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Nov 3, 2010 -

Almost Packed and Waiting for Morning

I’m leaving for Montreal first thing in the morning, which is absolutely surreal! Since I am taking three flights both ways and do not trust Air Canada, I’ve decided to try to carry on all my luggage. When I checked-in an hour ago, I did say that I would be checking one suitcase, in case they decide not to let me carry on. Had I selected the ‘no checked luggage’ option, Air Canada would charge me $50 if they deemed it necessary for my luggage to be checked! Crazy!

Air Jazz, the puddle jumper that’s taking me from Penticton to Vancouver will require me to put my luggage under the plane at the point of embarkation because of the lack of cabin space. I went through that routine when I went to Chicago in ’99, so I know what to expect.

I’m allowed my suitcase, a laptop case, a small purse, and a coat, so that is what I will need to juggle through the airports tomorrow. My suitcase is very nice and has a place from which to hang the laptop case, so at least I won’t need to carry myself in most cases. Needless to say, I am going to have my eye on it the whole time!

I read the updated rules about liquids and noticed a new clause–the liquids must be identifiable. Last time I carried on my luggage I transferred my products to small bottles and they went through fine. But this clause makes me think that I need to be carrying original bottles. So, I went to Shopper’s Drugmart today and bought $10 worth of travel sized bottles. *sighs*

While the daily topic posts will be ongoing while I am away, I have not decided to what extent, if any, I will be blogging about my trip.

I’m off to finish packing since I need to hit the road for 7:30. *yawn*

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Oct 27, 2010 -

Leaving on a Small Plane

I can’t believe that I’m flying east a week from tomorrow! I got an awesome deal on my tickets to Montreal from Penticton, but it’s going to be a bit of a circuitous route. To get there, I’ll be doing Penticton–>Vancouver–>Calgary–>Montreal. To get back, I’m doing Montreal–>Toronto–>Vancouver–>Penticton.

Flying directly from Vancouver to Montreal was several hundred dollars more and would have required very early morning flights. Funny how the longer route is cheaper and more convenient! I’m happy that I fly out of Penticton at 10AM (meaning I leave Osoyoos at a reasonable 8:30) and out of Montreal at 4:30PM. I’ll arrive at 11:30PM local time both ways. Long days, and jet lag’s a bitch, but this is the best flight itinerary I’ve ever put together.

Thankfully, I’ve been through all those airports except Penticton (which is tiny), so the trip should be easy. My layovers are all only just long enough to ensure that I’ll make my connection barring a huge delay, so I won’t have too much time to kill. I’ll have the iPod on me for entertainment.

I’m getting pretty excited about this trip and it will be very nice to see my family again after more than two years away!

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Sep 3, 2010 -


I’m leaving Dawson in less than two weeks. I’ve had an okay summer this year, but I still love this town and am glad that I have had a chance to know it so well. That said, my feelings about my imminent departure are completely different from last year. In fact, this is the first time I’m going to leave a place without having my departure panic attack. I didn’t really get settled in this year and I’ve stopped thinking of this stop as a destination, as an event with a beginning and an end. It seems that sometime between leaving Campbell River and the last couple of weeks, my RVing life began to find a continuity of its own, with routines that carry over whether I’m stopped or traveling.

Financially, the summer was a blessing and going back to financial incertitude is going to be tough, but I actually managed to do a solid job of replenishing the coffers. I’ll do fine for myself well into the fall even if I don’t find a job in Osoyoos, although I have decided to look for something part-time. I have enough set aside to actually travel back south and I’m giving myself a full sixteen days to do so. My itinerary is a bit bold and I may chicken out about one section, but I look forward to an even longer period of boondocking while being able to work every night.

My fall plans are slowly coming together. I have decided to fly to Montreal at the beginning of November for a week to see my family, something that will be made possible since I’ll have a rig and cat sitter available to me. My sister had a baby on September 1st, my first niece, so it will be nice to see her and my two nephews. I’m pretty sure the youngest one doesn’t remember me!

Besides that, I have a writing project to complete and I also need to work on things related to that announcement I’m not yet ready to make. I’d also like to continue with the renovating and decorating, although I will have to be extremely frugal in all areas of my life so as to stretch my savings as far as possible. I’m committed to being in Osoyoos until December and have not made plans beyond that.

So, that’s the latest status update. Nothing too exciting, but things are going to pick up soon. 🙂

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