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Jan 17, 2013 -

When Non-RVers Run Campgrounds…

The staff at Bayou Segnette State Park obviously does not RV.

The RV park is practically empty and there are lots of sites within spitting distance of the bathrooms, playground, and laundry. Twice now, they have put an overnighter on the same pad as me. Twice now, my neighbours have sadly told me, “Man, we should have just stayed at Walmart, we would have had more space.”

I don’t mind the tight quarters since the other rig is on my driver’s side, but there is no logic to this decision except that non-RVers don’t understand RVers. It’s like when I’m asked to move my rig, as though that’s a small request.

What burns me the most though, is that I never wanted this site that is right next to the comfort station and offers me zero privacy because my passenger windows overlook the path to the comfort station while my rear window faces the busy playground. Why I couldn’t have been put all by my lonesome in the back of the loop, like I requested, is beyond me.

It’s almost as though the staffers have been told by management, “These saps know we’re the best deal in the New Orleans area and so they’ll jump when we tell them to.” Shame on them.

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Jan 17, 2013 -

Oh, Right, I Have a Grey Tank!

I found a little bit of water in the bottom of the shower this afternoon and couldn’t understand it for a long second. Oh, right. Silly gal. Your grey tank is FULL!

I’ve been able to leave my grey valve open where I’ve been parked in the last long while, so I haven’t had to manage my grey tank at all. I haven’t emptied it since Hampton Roads and had a couple of long showers here.

Like most places, you cannot dump grey water on the ground here, so I did an old trick. I grabbed a big bucket and filled it from the grey tank, then emptied it in the black through the toilet. I did this four times and got my grey tank down to a third full. This barely nudged up the level in the black and will actually make it easier to empty when I go dump next week.

I’m really hoping the weather will cooperate and let me complete my solid four weeks of boondocking experiment when I get to Texas. If so, then I will need to find a better way to manage grey water dumping I will run out of space in the black tank after so many weeks. My writing partner Will has some seemingly more manageable alternatives to Blue Boys, described in our ebook, and I am going to explore them.

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Jan 17, 2013 -

Thank You, Ms. Grumpy Pants!

This morning, I packed up the inside of the rig in preparation for moving, then went to check the post office in case I could leave town today.

The package still isn’t here, so it really would have been cheaper to pay the $60 for guaranteed two-day delivery on my package instead of renewing for another five nights at $90. I believe that Monday is a holiday here and that there won’t be mail, so I’m giving my package till Tuesday AM to arrive.

Anyway, the weather isn’t that great near Houston right now (we finally got sun, YAY), so it’s rather nice to be on hookups and this will probably be my only paid nights of the winter. $200 is about a fifth of what I would have been paying per month for RV park fees, electricity, and propane so, really, my budget can absorb this.

I went into the office on the way back and a rather grumpy-looking and quiet woman was at the desk. I said, “I’m in 84, I want to renew for five more nights, I know I have to move to a different site, and I just checked online so I know you have tons of availability.” She pushed some keys and stared at her screen for a long while and then started to write me up a new park entry pass for the truck. I asked what site I was going to and she said, “The same one”!

I have no idea what she did — if she moved the reservation to another site (which the other front desk person said was not possible) or if she determined that only half of the site was booked or if the other guys cancelled, but I consider this a miracle!

I didn’t mind putting away stuff inside as it’s really just tidying up after myself now, plus the minor aggravation of securing the filing cabinet. It’s really putting away the water hose and power cable, getting off the levelers and stowing them, backing into a new site, getting level again, and rehooking up that is such a pain.

I don’t expect to have much to blog about in the next few days as I have some business matters to attend to and will need to be in the office for most of the next few days, another reason I don’t mind staying put. So if the blog goes a little quiet, no need to be alarmed. 🙂

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