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Jan 28, 2011 -

Perfect Pulling Out Weather

I want to roll out of Osoyoos on Monday, January 31st, so today I began to prepare the rig for pulling out. The weather is perfect; we’re looking at a long stretch of above zero. Monday’s number has fluctuated and is presently at -1, but I’m not concerned since there’s still time for that to improve and the sunny forecast has been promised for a week.

First thing I did was removing the rig skirting. What a mess! The silver tape everyone told me to use left a nasty residue all the way around:

It’s going off with a scrubby pad and vinegar water but it’s going to take A LOT of elbow grease. I think I’m going to go splurge on a bottle of degunking stuff and see if that helps.

While I was working on that, I trickle charged the truck battery and then started the engine. Miranda came to life with no problem and idled at drive, but the check engine light is still on. I’m honestly not concerned at this point about the upcoming drive since I got her here from Kelowna without a problem. Just to stretch her legs, though, I want to take her down to the office tomorrow or Sunday to fill the on board propane tank.

I have to pause here to say that instead of having my usual pre-trip jitters, I’m giddy about leaving! It is just so exciting to be heading to an RV show to give a seminar and promote my new ebook and not have any real idea what I’m doing after!

Once the skirting was off, labeled, and crammed into the front pass-through compartment I topped up the battery water and the windshield wiper fluid on both vehicles.

The next thing I did really improved my mood: I moved my tools and reno stuff back into the basement!!!!!!!!

Now, I’m going to do a vacuum and dusting blitz to through the rig so that I can do a library and kitchen reveal. Heck, I might go all out and do the study, too!

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Jan 3, 2011 -

An Inconvenient Closure

The RV park was closed for three or four days over Christmas, and the same over New Years. I believe they will be reopening tomorrow. This second closure has coincided with a cold snap. My thirty pounder ran out the night before last and I had to keep the rig at 10 from about ten last night to keep from running out completely with the on board. I am irked that it is empty. I had to schlep into town and pay an extra seven dollars for a fill of the small tank.

This cold snap is dragging on longer than promised, no surprise there. It’s a huge pain because I don’t have any water. I opened up the door to the fresh water compartment and put the heater in the entrance well for several hours, but that didn’t do anything.

Thankfully, the projects I’m working on are keeping me busy, but I sure would love a sunny day above zero.

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Dec 8, 2010 -

Propane Nastiness

It’s amazing how a routine chore can turn into a nightmare.

I went out for propane about an hour ago and hooked up normally. Suddenly, liquid propane started to spew out of both ends of my hose! I shut down the system, burning myself in the process. I unhooked and made sure the hose connections were clean and tight, then tried again. Same problem. I went back to the office to see if it was possible for the tank to be overfilled; the guy said no because of the overflow valve.

He sent ‘help’ and two guys came to look over my system. They were a little condescending and I’m pretty sure they thought I’m dumb, but they were able to give my tank the all clear and narrow down the problem to the hose itself. I’ll replace it tomorrow, provided the RV place is open.

I really don’t like using the 30lber, but it’s definitely more convenient than having to pack up and move the rig to fill up the on board tank.

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