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Feb 12, 2011 -

My Ears! My Ears!

For a few days now, I’ve noticed a high pitched whistle when the water heater is running. I thought it was due to calcium deposits in the tank since I’m due for a flush. But then I noticed this sound when I’m cooking and when the furnace is running. Common denominator? Propane.

There’s no troubleshooting to do for this. High pitched propane-related whistle means I need a new regulator!

I was told that I can delay this job a couple of months before it becomes a safety concern, so I don’t need to pull out of here in a hurry to get this fixed. So, I’ll add it to my list for this spring that includes solar power and new tires. I was told I can do this job myself since I installed my own Extend-a-Stay, but knowing now what I didn’t know then I am NOT touching this job, especially not for such a vital part! I’ll have my system inspected and the new regulator installed professionally.

Looks like I’ve officially reached that stage of an RV’s life where everything starts to go, one piece at a time. I still haven’t decided yet what I’m doing this summer, but a priority is to get at least week in a warm dry place with access to RV parts and a helper so that I can do a systematic inspection of the rig, do routine maintenance, pull and reseal all the windows, and caulk all my seams.

Just when I thought I’d be able to put my feet up and enjoy my home. Not that I’m complaining; all this tinkering is one of the things that made RVing so appealing to me! 😀

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Jan 31, 2011 -

Thinking of a Later Departure

I was up at quarter to 8 this morning with the intention of going straight to work finishing up my departure prep, but we’re sitting at about minus nine, probably more with windchill. Unbelievable. Everything is frozen solid. Leaving without empty holding tanks and a full fresh water tank isn’t an option since I’m going to be dry camping for a week.

At least, the sun is out!!!!!

At this point I’m thinking of pushing the start of my prep to about ten since the sun is coming out and we’ve already gained a degree and get on the road for noon. That puts me in Abbotsford no earlier than five, which is sundown, but probably six, which is nighttime. I don’t relish arriving in the dark, but so long as I can be on the Transcanada in daylight it’ll be okay since I’ve been to Tradex a couple of times. I also made sure to download their parking lot map and also scope out the satellite map, so I know exactly where I’m going. I don’t even need to program the GPS. Plus, I’m headed to an airport so I expect there will be a lot of lighting!

I didn’t run any heat last night (except for the one conduction heater) since I wanted to keep the dregs of the on board tank to get this place toasty in the morning. When I got up, it was about 10 in here. BRR. Now, I’ve got the heat cranked up and I’ll let it go till the propane runs out, at which point it’ll probably be time to go down to the office and fill up anyway.

This morning really sucks. We were supposed to be sitting at plus fourish, at which point I would have been out right now puttering around. Thankfully the Fraser Valley is several degrees warmer. I want to avow that this is my last time in the Okanagan in winter, but I know that I have little control over where the vagaries of fate take me.

Interior prep is delighting me. I only have a few things to take down or put away, and my computer set up is such that putting it away for the road is no longer a huge production. I’ll finally be able to live while traveling the way that I do when I’m settled.

Well, I’m up. Might has well have another coffee and get some work done…

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Jan 30, 2011 -

So Much For Perfect

The Okanagan has done it again. After weeks of above zero temps and a gorgeous forecast for my departure tomorrow, we are now well below zero.

It happened so quickly that my water hose froze before I could fill up my on board tank. My holding tank valves are frozen as well, with the grey being open and the black closed when I desperately need to dump before I leave since I’ll be dry camping for a week. I had wanted to close the grey tonight so that I could build up some water with which to flush the hose after dumping. I’m going to try to heat them up with the hair dryer tomorrow when there will be some some sun to help me. For the first time in three winters, I had a flash of inspiration regarding the frozen water hose and I brought it inside! It thawed in an hour and drained harmlessly in the shower. Why did I only just think to do that?!

I’m seriously POed right now about this weather change. I only needed an hour to get out of here–that includes putting a few things away inside, getting the car loaded up, and taking the rig down for propane. Now, I need to contend with the frozen plumbing. Moreover, it’s freakin’ cold out and I am just about out of propane.

I had hoped to leave around 10 tomorrow, that is pull out of the RV park at 10, but noon is starting to look more realistic. At least, if the sun’s out and there’s no snow on the ground I should be able to do the drive in the four to five hours it should take and I can pull into Tradex in daylight. I don’t know where I’m going once I get there, so I really would like to arrive before it gets dark!

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