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Jun 1, 2011 -

Alberta Propane Prices

I went to fill the 30lb propane tank today and once again was shocked by the cost of propane in Alberta.

In the last three years, filling that thing in BC and the US has cost me between $20 and $30, with Campbell River and Blaine being at the high end of the spectrum, the Okanagan in the middle, and Surrey at the bottom. I also once filled it for almost $40 in Dawson.

Propane in Canada is sold in a price per litre and I’ve always considered the low eighties per litre to be an acceptable price.

I’ve filled up twice since I got to Alberta and hope I don’t have to get used to the price they have here (ie. that I have to stay here in definitely) because I’m going to get spoiled. Propane is 74 cents per litre, so my 35lbs costs me just shy of $18!!!!

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May 12, 2011 -

Preparing to Pull Out

Well, the dreaded day has arrived: I have to pull out to go dump. Yuck! A macerator has suddenly become a priority, especially since the dump station is 20km round trip!

Jody should be available around 6PM to help me pull out and then both she and Gary should be there around 8PM to help guide me back in. Having help is going to reduce the stress of this a lot. There is plenty of room to manoeuvre, but also lots of opportunity for hitting something. Gary and Jody are RVers themselves and are excellent guides. I’ve had times going into tight spots where no help was better than the help available, but this is not the case here!

I was a bit surprised to discover last night that my gas tank was almost empty! I try to never park with less than a quarter tank of gas, but I guess that all the excitement of arrival day made me forget to check the fuel gauge before parking! Instead of adding a trip to a gas station to tonight’s itinerary I simply added 20L of fuel from a jerry can, which brought me up to nearly a quarter full, so I could easily do 150km. The only gas station on this side of Lethbridge that has sufficient clearance for Miranda would be nightmare to get in and out of, so doing the jerry can thing really made the most sense. I can get a bit more fuel on the other side of town where there will be more options.

I was also going to fill the on board propane tank but decided against it since doing so would double my trip and my 30lber is nowhere near empty. 40km round trip in a motorhome is A LOT of fuel! I have to say that for a city this size, Lethbridge is very propane unfriendly.

Well, I’d better finish packing…

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Apr 30, 2011 -

The Roving Delicatessen

Fraserway RV in Airdrie, just north of Calgary, was having an open house today with good sales, including 25% off all parts under $300! Gary and Jody go every year and invited me along. I’ve been desperately needing a new pigtail for my propane system (ie. a hose that goes from my auxiliary tank to the Extend-a-Stay tee), but have been procrastinating since the one I bought in Osoyoos in the fall of ’08 was so expensive. I decided that this was the day to pick one up, so that gave me an excuse to go. 🙂

We started our day at Willow Creek municipal campground because Jody wanted to see if the prairie crocuses (Anemone patens) were in bloom, which they were:

prairie crocus (actually not a crocus but rather a member of the buttercup family)

We headed out after towards Calgary and Gary started to rustle around in the back seat. I turned to discover that a delicatessen had sprung up back there!

Gary's Roving Delicatessen

This is how they travel; Jody drives, Gary makes sandwiches! And delicious ones at that!

We got to Airdrie and stopped at another RV place so we’d be able to compare prices at Fraserway, then headed for the open house. Turns out Fraserway had better prices, even without the 25% discount!

Between both dealerships, we must have toured close to a hundred rigs. I discovered another type of fiver that I really like. It has a proper bedroom at the front, a bunk room at the back, and a loft above the bunk room. I could see going with something similar in a toyhauler motorhome, with the bunk room of course being a garage and the bedroom being my office.

den and loft with ladder (Starcraft Lexion)

I found the pigtail I needed in the parts department (with no help from the very rude salesgal) and it came to only $13 after my discount and tax!

Having had our fill of RVs for the day, I was then whisked away to Bass Pro Shops, which is more of a museum than a store! They allow photographs, so I tried to capture the feel of the place.

front end of the cariboo herd

We ended the day by making a very quick stop in Mossleigh to visit with Ken and Donna.

Another awesome day with my local guides! Thank you!

More pictures below.

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