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Aug 6, 2008 -


I went back to Miranda tonight to hopefully finish the floors. I almost got done before I ran out of light and steam. I’m at the ‘really finicky lots of measuring and fitting of itty bitty pieces in a tiny space stage’, which is not fun at all.

I’ve made two discoveries this week.

Until Sunday, Miranda had a secret basement compartment with a door I couldn’t open. I tried every key and had my friend try, too, when she came last Tuesday. Neither one of us could get that door open. Sunday, I decided to try again and I got in (wish I could remember what key I used). Guess what I found behind the door? An outdoor shower!!! YES! *score*! And there I was disappointed that not only do I have a rig without enclosed tanks, I also don’t have an outdoor shower. My rig is truly awesome! 🙂

Second discovery came from spending about an hour sitting on the entrance steps. I looked up and noticed a switch under the kitchen counter, just above the drawers. I’d of course seen it in pictures, but hadn’t really clued in to the fact that there was something there. Curious, I hit the switch. Miranda roared to life. Yes, folks. I found the on switch for the generator. I had no idea that a generator could be turned on from inside! There’s even a little counter that keeps track of the generator hours. I’ll be filling up the tank on Friday and will exercise the generator this weekend.

Tonight was the first time I turned lights on in the rig and doing so caused a shift in consciousness. Miranda is parked by her lonesome in a rural setting, by farmland, and surrounded by trees. Soon as the sun set, the crickets came out. As I turned lights on in my current metal tube on wheels set in such a familiar setting, I was instantly home. I can’t wait to move in.

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Aug 3, 2008 -

Sore, Very Sore

Wow, my body has really forgotten what these sorts of days are like. I really don’t have the stamina for weekend-long renovation bursts like I did when I had the house. I could barely move when I got up this morning, so I puttered around a bit until I limbered up. Then, it was off to North Gower by way of Home Depot (needed another box of ‘chocolate’) and more carpet ripping out until I couldn’t move at all any more.

Please visit the page about the lounge for pictures.

First order of business was to finish ripping out the carpet in the study. That done, it was time to rip out the carpet in the dining/lounge area. That proved to be… fun. I can’t remove the chairs so I had to cut around them. Same thing for the dinette benches. Have you any idea how much work (and blades and dust) is involved in cutting carpet?

Before I started, I looked at the bar.

Not entirely useless (there is a table), but almost. I opened the door and discovered that the bar was attached to the coach with only four screws. Away with it!

EEEP! I thought the carpet was in good shape. This really showed me how worn and disgusting it actually was! I kept the bar for parts but will most definitely be putting a bookcase between the chairs. Unfortunately, Ikea has the very thing I’m envisioning, so I’ll have to go there.

This room isn’t finished. By the time I got done with the half I did do, I was beat. What’s left will involve a lot of cutting, measuring, and fiddling, so I felt it best to leave it for next week. I just put wax paper down over the stick strips to keep dust off them.

What about the desk, you ask.

Next week. I’m taking the shake down cruise of all shake down cruises: going to Montreal’s south shore to visit family. If I can traverse the island of Montreal in one piece, I will have nothing to fear after. My mother is much more skilled and creative than I am in matters of carpentry, so she’ll help me put together a desk. While there, I’ll also dewinterize the coach (it’ll be SO NICE to have the bathroom working, LOL!) and possibly wire the back up camera monitor.

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