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Oct 5, 2011 -

Death of a Visionary

Steve Jobs, co-found of Apple Computer, died today.

Macs alone would be quite the legacy; computers that work, contain everything you need right out of the box, and hold their value over time. But he also gave us futuristic technology in the form of the iPod Touch and then the iPhone and iPad.

At the beginning, the iPad didn’t make sense to me, and I wasn’t alone in this. But then I found a use for it and so did others. Steve Jobs created a product for which there was no obvious need and which filled a void that no one knew existed. That’s what makes a visionary.

Thank you, Steve, for Victoria (a voluptuous blue and white G3), Beatrice (a sexy blue and white clamshell), Harold (a sturdy video iPod), Margot (an elegant Intel iMac), Kevin (a sleek Powerbook), Angus (a muscular Macbook Pro),  Leo (a wonderous iPod Touch), and (edited on December 9th, 2011) Miles (the iPad made possible by an incredibly generous bonus from my employers in Lethbridge). Rest in peace.

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Jul 24, 2011 -


I just got in from visiting Ken and Donna in Mossleigh. What a great weekend for a visit, the weather was lovely!

It was at about 3:30 that I headed out there yesterday, arriving at 5. I had a beer then Ken followed up on his promise of taking me for a ride in their HDT, Pepe! This was my first time in a big ‘semi’ and I loved the view from up high!

We had a nice dinner that furthered my re-introduction into the world of eating pork and included some very yummy cheesecake I had brought along.

Their new toyhauler has a really good layout. I wouldn’t have wanted to stay over in their old Okanagan, but the garage is pretty much a guest suite. It has two bunks, a half-bath, and an exit. I also love the kitchen that’s set up in the nose since I could set out dessert and do the dishes last night while looking down into the living room and following the conversation.

Donna made up the lower bunk in the garage and it was just like sleeping at home, requiring a ladder to climb up and having a low ceiling. 😀

okay, I could have made an effort and made up the bed 🙂

I slept very well… even if I stayed up a bit too late enjoying Youtube on my iPod Touch thanks to the campground wifi. Oh, how I miss you Youtube. 🙂

This morning, I helped Donna with a couple of projects. The gal actually trusted me to cut and hem a lovely curtain she bought to separate the kitchen from the bedroom, replacing a cumbersome sliding door. The end result wasn’t exactly straight, but she was pleased. 🙂

They treated me to an awesome brunch in the dining car. If you’re ever in the Mossleigh area (basically just south of Calgary), you need to go have Sunday brunch at Aspen Crossing! There were hashbrowns, sausage, pancakes, French toast, biscuits, fruit salad, bacon, meatballs, rice, desserts, and more. Yuuuuuuuuuuum.

And, of course, my best buddy Midnight made sure he got in plenty of cuddle time with his auntie Rae. Dogs are amazing that way, you really feel like you’re dealing with a small child. I knew it was me he was happy to see.

This weekend was badly needed after the weekend I had. Thanks guys!

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Oct 3, 2010 -

Cell Phone Alternative

I’ve decided that having a cell phone and an internet stick is redundant since I just about never make any calls and receiving some is insanely expensive. I’ve let my cell phone number lapse and have been shopping for alternatives. Learning that Google lets you call out at no charge got me thinking. If my computer can call out to telephones, couldn’t telephones call my computer?

Yup. And, to my surprise, several companies offer the service. Skype offers the best option, providing you with a landline number and voicemail for $6/month. The catch is that because of Canada’s stupid telecommunications laws, Skype can’t provide  you with a Canadian number. Having people, especially potential employers, call a US number to reach me is out of the question!

Followed a lot of research, as is par for the course when trying to get around Canada’s stupid telecommunications laws. I found three services which would offer me a Canadian number and Skype compatibility.

The first,, is free, but flaky, and not compatible with Skype Voicemail. I made several calls via Google and only half would go through.

The second,, sounded great, offering both the number and voicemail for $10/month, but there was almost no information on it, and what was there made the company seem awfully sketchy.

The third,, seems almost perfect for my needs. It is $4.95 per month for the phone number, with a $4.95 one time set up fee. It has a large selection of local Canadian numbers, not just from the big cities. However, there are no Yukon numbers. I decided to go with a 778 Vancouver number. This service needs to be paired with Skype voicemail, which is $2/month. So, the total per month is $6.95, much cheaper than the $20 worth of minutes I was buying and throwing away every month!

If my computer is on and Skype is open, Skype will ring when I get a call. Otherwise, my calls go to voicemail. Skype even emails me to let me know I have a voicemail. I like that I was able to create my own voicemail message. My favourite test was to call my iPod Touch; with a better microphone I have a very cheap iPhone!

The only caveat is that the service can’t be used to make emergency calls to 911, which isn’t a big deal most of the time for me since I’m rarely in a 911 call zone.

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