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Jul 24, 2011 -


I just got in from visiting Ken and Donna in Mossleigh. What a great weekend for a visit, the weather was lovely!

It was at about 3:30 that I headed out there yesterday, arriving at 5. I had a beer then Ken followed up on his promise of taking me for a ride in their HDT, Pepe! This was my first time in a big ‘semi’ and I loved the view from up high!

We had a nice dinner that furthered my re-introduction into the world of eating pork and included some very yummy cheesecake I had brought along.

Their new toyhauler has a really good layout. I wouldn’t have wanted to stay over in their old Okanagan, but the garage is pretty much a guest suite. It has two bunks, a half-bath, and an exit. I also love the kitchen that’s set up in the nose since I could set out dessert and do the dishes last night while looking down into the living room and following the conversation.

Donna made up the lower bunk in the garage and it was just like sleeping at home, requiring a ladder to climb up and having a low ceiling. 😀

okay, I could have made an effort and made up the bed 🙂

I slept very well… even if I stayed up a bit too late enjoying Youtube on my iPod Touch thanks to the campground wifi. Oh, how I miss you Youtube. 🙂

This morning, I helped Donna with a couple of projects. The gal actually trusted me to cut and hem a lovely curtain she bought to separate the kitchen from the bedroom, replacing a cumbersome sliding door. The end result wasn’t exactly straight, but she was pleased. 🙂

They treated me to an awesome brunch in the dining car. If you’re ever in the Mossleigh area (basically just south of Calgary), you need to go have Sunday brunch at Aspen Crossing! There were hashbrowns, sausage, pancakes, French toast, biscuits, fruit salad, bacon, meatballs, rice, desserts, and more. Yuuuuuuuuuuum.

And, of course, my best buddy Midnight made sure he got in plenty of cuddle time with his auntie Rae. Dogs are amazing that way, you really feel like you’re dealing with a small child. I knew it was me he was happy to see.

This weekend was badly needed after the weekend I had. Thanks guys!

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May 12, 2011 -

A Year With Telus Mobility Internet

I’ve been using Telus mobility for a year now to get online on the road. I am polarized in my sentiments about this company.

The pros are strong: 1) coverage is fantastic, 2) speeds are equivalent to high speed once you get into the southern part of the country, 3) the service is reliable.

The cons are also strong: 1) their plans stop at 5GB/month ($65 + tax), 2) an extra GB is $51  (5 cents per MB).

I went over my allotment this past month and imagine it will be very hard not to all summer, and that’s without downloading anything that isn’t absolutely vital and not watching videos!

This morning, I called the Telus department and asked to be transferred to their retention department. There was absolutely nothing they could do for me in terms of reducing my monthly bill or giving me a discount on the per MB cost of going over my allotment.  It was pretty much “That’s what it is, feel free to go with someone else.” They have you over a barrel because the other providers have similar terms and prices.

However, Telus has a new device out called a Smart Hub. It’s a 4G router. This device has much better plan options, $70 plus tax for 10GB and $20 per GB over that. The catch, of course, is that without a contract the device costs $400. Moreover, the device has to be powered.

I can see that this Smart Hub is the best option in Canada for mobile internet right now. It’s still not a great option for me, but I am trolling Craigslist and Kijjijji for a contract takeover.

I’m going to reinvestigate my US options. Last year, I could go with Verizon wireless for about $150 a month and have coverage in both the US and Canada. If I do end up spending part of my year south of the border such an arrangement would make a lot more sense. I just pulled up the Verizon website and the options have increased so I’m going to have to start my research from scratch. Plus, I need to make sure they are the best choice, coverage-wise.

It’s so frustrating to have a fantastic mobile connection and be so limited in my bandwidth. I have some software updates to do and will need to pack up the office and go to a Starbucks or other wifi hotspot to do them. If Telus were more reasonable in their cost per extra GB, say $10 each, I’d just stick with them and gladly pay my overages every month.


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Apr 9, 2011 -

170 Megabytes

Today is the start of a new billing cycle with Telus and it’s going to take some adjustment. I only have 5GB available to me, or 170MB per day. It was easy to live on so little bandwidth back in Dawson since the connection was slooow up there. But here, in southern Alberta, I can stream and download as though I was on a hard wired connection. I had no problem using up 5GB in the week I’ve been here!

To put that 170MB into perspective, I’ve been online for a half hour and have only been surfing and doing email, I haven’t streamed or downloaded anything. I’ve already used up a third of today’s allowance.

My 5GB costs, with tax, $72 a month, so that’s $14.40 per GB. You’d think it’d be possible to just pay piece meal for additional data, right? Ha! Each additional MB over my allowance is 5 cents. There are 1024 MB in a GB. So each extra GB costs $51 (plus taxes and fees)!

I think it’s ridiculous that there is such a thing as unlimited talk and text, but you are only allowed 5GB for surfing.

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