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Apr 1, 2012 -

Return to Mindfulness

In a few hours, my high speed internet connection will be terminated and I will have to go back to my very limited 5GB cellular connection. The new billing period starts on the ninth, so I can use that entire 5GB in a week, making the return to limited bandwidth not too drastic just yet. And I’ll be back on high speed when I get to Quebec, so this is just for six weeks. I opted to terminate the connection tomorrow because that was the last day of the billing cycle. The way internet is billed, I pay a month ahead of time, so I should not have to pay for anything else, but I will ask Jody to keep her eye out for a Telus envelope with my name on it just in case.

This winter, I haven’t had to think my use of water or electricity or internet or propane nor have I had to worry about sewage. It’s been very easy, and very mindless. I find that the days tend to run a little less into each other when you have to monitor your utilities. because it hasn’t been that long since you dumped or took on water or because your batteries have been rather low for a few days. It’s a combination of small things that help me feel more engaged in my life. There is so much I miss about living in my RV and mindfulness is at the top of the list. Cooking over a flame is also near the top of the list. 🙂

I am giving the apartment complex a few more hours early this week but I am hoping that by Wednesday I will be pretty much done. I ended up putting in a full eight-hour plus day on Saturday, which had not been on my schedule! So I wound up spending today doing transcription rather than working in the rig.

As for my rig preparations, I’m downscaling them as I always do since my mother reminded me that she has her full woodworking shop and some of her free time at my disposal. So I will finish up my work in the study and call it done, unless the time to do that materializes this week and I have time to take on the other projects.

April 11th is marked on my calendar as the day to take Miranda out for fuel, propane, and dewinterizing, and April 16th is down as the absolute last morning for pulling out. Having those dates firmly set in my calendar makes the idea of departure from Lethbridge much more real. I have now been in Lethbridge exactly one year and am 14 days away from leaving. While I have no regrets about the last twelve months, I am ready to go. Well, mentally at least. Physically, I’m hustling. 🙂

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Oct 3, 2011 -

Connectivity, Comfort, and Cats

My high speed internet was supposed to be activated today, but, of course, the plug and play modem didn’t work. I chatted with a Telus rep and he concluded that it’d be best to send someone to check the wiring. I don’t think a single one of my tenants has had any luck with getting the internet to work right off the bat.

What made me laugh is that the tech rep had a hard time understanding that I wasn’t home. I mean, the first thing I asked is “Do I need home phone service to have internet?” (nope). So he knew I had no phone at home and if I was chatting with him, then the fact that I don’t have internet at home should have been pretty obvious. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had this conversation with tech reps from different telecom companies over the years! The tech rep was very good, my joking aside. He acknowledged that I’d done everything at my end and didn’t make me feel like an idiot.

At any rate, no high speed internet till tomorrow afternoon. I’m just grateful that I got an appointment so quickly, that I don’t need to pay for a phone line I have no use for, and that I have my cellular internet access!

I’m also happy to report that my furniture arrived! Wheeeeeeee. I can set up my home office tonight. I don’t think the chair they gave me is going to work, though (no arm rests or wheels) so I may be bringing my chair in from Miranda after all, but I’ll try this one first and see how I like it. Soon as I am set up I will share pictures. 🙂 I have to say that I somehow managed to get stuff that looks good together rather than like a hodgepodge. Geeze, even the curtains that Jody lent me complement the loft curtains! It’ll be nice to be in a lovely place for six months. The only thing left to get now that I have furniture are some more floor mats so I don’t have to walk on the drop cloths all winter.

I have a couple of ‘my cats are amusing’ stories. Before going to work this morning, I put Jody’s curtains in the tub to soak since they smelled strongly of cigarettes. When I came in at lunch, the apartment was very humid and reeked of cigarette smoke. So, I rinsed the curtains and took them outside to dry over the balcony railing, then I left the patio door cracked. Neelix promptly pushed his cushion so it was by the open door and plopped down! As for Ms. Bitha, I came in this afternoon to supervise the furniture delivery and noticed that the undersink cabinet door was cracked open. Tabitha was curled up in there, pressed tightly against the wall. If I catch her there again, I’ll let her know that that can be her safe spot by putting a blanket down for her. I hadn’t planned on using the cabinet anyway.

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Sep 22, 2011 -

Moving Towards Acceptance

I have taken THE big step towards accepting that I will be back in a house semi-bound life for six months: I ordered internet service. Telus has a special; super fast internet with 500GB of bandwidth for $30 a month for the first six months. I will be downgrading my cellular modem to the flex plan so that I still have it available should I travel this winter or the other internet goes down. So that will be $35 a month. The total will be $65 (plus taxes and fees, of course), which is exactly what I pay now for my 5GB mobile account!

Once again, I’d like to make it clear that the only reason I am staying in Lethbridge this winter is the sudden availability of health services. Getting signed on with a family doctor in just two phone calls was life-altering, but what followed was even more amazing. I had initially booked a physical for January, but I don’t want to wait that long to see the doctor. So I called and asked if I could get a regular appointment sooner… and I got one for October 5th!

I have no intention of getting settled into this apartment. I will make it as cozy and functional as I can for six months, but I am bringing the strict minimum with me and will invest as little as possible into making it habitable. There are so many things I will miss: having many rooms, the double sink in my kitchen, my kitchen’s much more functional layout, my huge shower. But I am looking forward to having a bath!

In the next week I will scrub every inch of the apartment and start to make an inventory of what is coming into it. Of course, Miranda will be parked very close by, so I can grab what I need, but I want to see how little I can live with.

November should be a much slower month for me with nice days at the beginning. So with the rig empty, I’d like to repaint the study and do another coat of yellow in the kitchen/library/loft. I’ve made a list of other small projects that I could do weather-depending that would be much more doable with the rig empty.

The only big project on the table for this winter will be planning my shortened US route for my trip through there in the spring! Six months will go by fast, I know it, and soon I will be back on the road, healthy and ready for more adventures. That’s how I’m looking at this winter; just one more adventure in this crazy, wonderful, nomadic life of mine.



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