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Jan 9, 2009 -

What Makes an RV Liveable?

I found an interesting article today about what makes an RV liveable. The author lists twelve items. Of those, four are items that I loved about Miranda from the get-go, two are things I was able to change, and three are things I’ve been hankering to change. That means that nine of the twelve items applied to me. I’d say the article was pretty relevant!

The four items I loved are:

1) Separate vanity and toilet (#8);

2) An accessible toilet (#10);

3) Real doors (#11);

4) Lots of windows (#12). I recently saw a class C that had no window in the back. I can’t imagine not having my great view… even if it means a chillier room in the winter!

The two things I was able to change:

1) Easy to maintain floors (#1). Miranda had hardwood in some places and carpet in the rest. I replaced the carpet with vinyl. The combination of the two is easy to upkeep;

2) A dedicated workspace (#7). I was lucky to be able to convert a whole room into a computer space.

The three things I’ve been hankering to change:

1) Adding a counter extension (#4), but the only place to put one would interfere with the drawers, so that will probably never happen;

2) The wardrobe (#6);

3) The pantry (#9); improving my food storage is my number two priority after figuring out what to do with all my clothes.

The three items that weren’t relevant to me:

1) A re-configurable dining area (#2) since I find the dinette useful (which is good because it’s not removable!);

2) An island style bed (#3) since I live alone and all I want is an unobstrusive flat place to sleep, so the loft makes me happy;

3) An adjustable television set (#5) since I don’t own a tv. I did have a lapse in judgement when I thought “Gee, I should get one since most parks include cable in their free hookups” and then I remembered that I didn’t watch tv most of the year I had free cable included in my rent AND that the reason I gave away my television was that I hadn’t turned it on in over eighteen months and was sick of dusting it AND where, praytell, would I store such an item?

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Nov 29, 2008 -

The Little Discussed Gem of the Class C

I’ve read a lot about Class C RVs. We owners of them are quick to extol their virtues. But there is one feature I’ve never seen discussed: the view from the overhead cab.

Think about it. Miranda is about 11′ tall, not counting the air conditioner and antenna. So, when I’m lying in the cab, right up against the ceiling (since I have a particularly thick mattress), I’m pretty much sleeping at a height that is equivalent to the floor of a second story.

One of my favourite parts of the day is to peek through the curtains up there first thing in the morning and watch the sun rise or the rain fall. I get a long distance view right clear across the park and to the mountains. I’ve had gorgeous views (middle of nowhere Transcanada, Vérendrye Park), views that were okay (Cochrane, here), and views that sucked (Edmonton, any Walmart). What a treat it is to be able to survey my new home or check out the weather before even getting out of bed!

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Nov 25, 2008 -

Shower Snobbery

Having no hot water, I used a resort shower tonight. They’re quite nice and very clean, definitely better than any shower I’ve ever had… except Miranda’s!

Miranda’s shower has several features that make her particularly luxurious to me:

1) The angled design means more width. I can stretch out and turn comfortably. It seems to be a more efficient use of square footage;

2) It has a door instead of a curtain which tends to flap around. I used to find such doors high maintenance until I discovered the squeegee! Now, I just squeegee the doors when I’m done and the doors stay sparkling clean;

3) Storage space!


The caddy has just enough room for all the things I use in a normal shower and there’s even a little shelf for extras. I had never before seen a shower or bath with proper storage!

4) The shower head on a hose is very useful for accessing those difficult to reach parts of the body.

Ah, be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home. 🙂

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