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Jun 3, 2008 -

RV Inspection, Redux, and Goals

Yup, the guy wants to sell. He emailed me earlier to say that if I’m still interested in the coach on Monday he’ll take it in for a QC inspection and not to worry myself about getting any information on that. Since the inspection results in paperwork he’ll need to hand me, I am comfortable with pawing off this task on him. He’s going to cry when I make my offer, but I won’t be surprised if he comes crawling back to me in a month or two begging to sell. In the meantime, I’d keep looking for something else. Anyway, I need to keep taking this one step at a time. Soon as I saw the cost for a satellite system and the work involved in setting up solar panel, I realised that I need to slow down and breathe, LOL!!!

While I’m telling people that I’m hitting the road for a year, I know that’s not true. I’m aiming for this change to be a permanent one. My biggest goal for the year is to prove to myself that I can make a very good and reliable living without having to rely on an 8-4 job. So, I want to find a good balance between taking time for my (currently shamefully neglected) online business and outside work.

I’ve always wanted to learn self-sufficiency of the off-grid kind. How often have I said that I dream of a home that’s off the grid? I want to be able to ‘boondock’ for weeks at a time so I don’t have to rely on pricey parks with hookups. My goal for my trek to BC is to only pay for accommodations once per week, and only if needed to recharge my batteries and/or empty and fill tanks. If I do this, then my only major expense for the trek will be gas. I can already see myself outside the big store with the red, white, and blue sign going “Home, sweet Wal-mart.” *ggl*

Life is a marvelous thing, is it not?

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Jun 3, 2008 -

RV Inspection

The current owner of the coach I’m interested in emailed back upon noticing that, hey!, I have a Quebec telephone number. He then proceeded to tell me out right “This coach needs a grand worth of work to pass a Quebec safety check.”

That last bit hardly made me blink, but his being so forthright did. I told him that I want to see the coach (we’re meeting on Monday) and that the step after that would be taking it in for a safety check. Once that’s done, I’ll have a better idea of how much work I’d need to have done to have the sucker plated in Quebec and, therefore, how much I’d be willing to spend.

The guy sounds eager to sell, so I remain optimistic. I think that with a less eager buyer he risked shooting himself in the foot, though. At any rate, I’ll be contacting the safety inspection centre people to find out how much one of those inspections costs and how long it takes to get an appointment. My intention is to pay for the safety myself and have him the take the coach in on his own time.

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Jun 2, 2008 -

The Fun of Importing

I just got off the phone with the SAAQ (Quebec ‘DMV’). In order to bring the motorhome into Quebec, I need to have another safety inspection done. They will, of course, find things wrong with the vehicle even though Ontario didn’t, because this is Quebec and Quebec believes in nickel and dimeing its over taxed citizenry.

Once I meet the safety requirements, I can get a licence plate that will officially put the vehicle in my name. In order to do so, I need to pay the QST (Quebec sales tax). If I lived in Ontario, I could just give the guy a cheque and that would be that. But because I’m in another province, I need to pay 7.5% more than our agreed upon sales price.

Once I’ve ponied up that money (which will be at least a grand), I can then pay for the licence plate. The amount I was quoted was suspiciously low (482$ for a year, 326$ due now till February). If I only have to pay 500$ a year for plates for this thing, you will need to scrape me off the floor.

It’s too late now to make more calls, but tomorrow I will be calling the safety check places to find out how much that will cost, then an insurance company.

That done, I will investigate a ‘proper’ RV finance loan. I don’t technically need one, but I’d rather keep my other funds if I can.

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