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Jun 10, 2008 -


The more I look at buses and class As for sale, the more I ache for a Class C model. Even though they are smaller (although some do go up to 30′), the ones with a rear bedroom layout are much better suited to my lifestyle. I could sleep in the cab-over bunk and dedicate the bedroom to being my study. With the buses and class As, there would be a huge chunk of living space that I wouldn’t use much. I mean, how often do you go into your bedroom for the day if it’s a place dedicated to sleeping?

Some people do full-time in class Cs, but weight and towing capability is such an issue. I did get wind of diesel Cs and that’s what I’m investigating now. I could probably get a nearly new class C diesel for the price I’m willing to pay for a very used A or bus.

A friend offered me a corner of her basement for storage if I want it and I’m beginning to think that I’d be best to take her up on her offer. What I’d have to store is going to sound silly since it’s made up of items one would not associate with sentimentality: dishes, mixing bowls, serving utensils, and the like. These are items that have been passed down through several generations on both sides of my family and are not replaceable. Whether I got a C or an A (or a bus), I’d still have to divest myself of these items. So…

Going through the house, I see so much that I use daily or that I would use daily that I’m not sure would fit in a light A, much less a class C–tools, the iMac, the laser printer, the artwork, the two cases of DVDs… I know it’s just ‘stuff’, but it’s the 20% of my life that means something to me, that is me, that I am not willing to give up.

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Jun 9, 2008 -

Tiffin ’94 Allegro Bay Review

The coach isn’t a definite ‘no’, but it certainly doesn’t scream ‘buy me, buy me!’ It’s filthy, the carpet needs to go, and the wallpaper is peeling. Otherwise, it seems in fine shape. The single pane windows are the biggest issue I saw. I got some data about the weight, but I’m not sure how much use it will be without having an actual weight for the empty vehicle.

The owner actually let me take it out for a test drive. He was fantastic, giving me little hints and showing complete trust in my potential to drive a 40′ behemoth.

The end result was that I came out looking like a natural!

He took me to a fairly empty industrial area where I was able to practise both left and right hand turns, as well as reversing. Not even ten minutes into the test drive, I found myself facing a right hand turn with lots of traffic coming from the left, with no stop sign on their side. I assessed the various windows of space between the cars and smoothly and confidently turned onto the busy street, accelerating quickly enough that the car behind me didn’t even need to slow down. I’m not ready to face Montreal traffic, but I’m not scared anymore. I can drive a 40′ RV.

Now, I just need to know if I can drive a 40′ RV with a toad. 😀

At any rate, upward and onward. I have a few more candidates to assess!

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Jun 9, 2008 -

The Day Has Come…

I’m going to view the coach tonight. Can’t wait. There would be exclamation points if it weren’t for the fact that I’m under the weather and bone tired. 😀

My only real concern with this coach is carrying capacity; ie. how much stuff I can pile into it once it’s loaded with gas, propane, and water. This issue, more than anything else, is going to be the deal breaker or maker for me.

I toured a family friend’s 30 footer this weekend, which convinced me that I want at least 35 feet and that I’m really not nuts about the pass-through bathrooms.

I’ve decided to apply for ‘proper’ RV financing as this could end up opening up extra options for me. I’m not looking to get the maximum amount of RV a lender is willing to give me, but rather to make sure I don’t pass a great deal because I’m 5K short on cash.

Later this week, once I’ve had time to gather my thoughts about the Tiffin and calculate its carrying capacity, I’ll contact two other sellers about their coaches, one a bus, the other a diesel pusher.

The fact that the Tiffin I’m seeing tonight is not a DP really bugs me, although knowing the carrying capacity might assuage some of these misgivings. I have to say that the Tiffin has been the only RV I’ve seen so far with a floor plan I can immediately recognize as being suitable for full-timing. Hopefully, its carrying capacity will be equal to its fantastic layout.

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