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Jul 20, 2008 -

Glimmer of Hope For Next Weekend!

One of Miranda’s current owners will be able to pick up the cheque in Laval in person on Tuesday and at the same time drop off the registration papers. Once they confirm the cheque is good, they’ll call me so I can get keys, which a neighbour will be holding for me. If everything continues to go as smoothly as it has, this will happen no later than Thursday so I should be able to take advantage of the one evening the SAAQ is open late and therefore get Miranda’s plates right away.

Pommette (the toad) is going in tonight to get her base plate installed tomorrow, so she’ll be nice and ready for when I go pick up Miranda.

Of course, picking up Miranda this way will mean that I won’t be getting a crash course in her systems. So, it looks like I’ll be learning the hard way. 😀

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Jul 18, 2008 -

First Major Obstacle

According to my financing lady, funds will be released to Miranda’s current owner Monday or Tuesday.

Thing is, her current owner is leaving the country for two weeks starting Sunday.

He’s going to try to push for an electronic bank transfer tomorrow or Monday at the latest so that he can leave keys for me with a neighbour or something along those lines.

Otherwise, Miranda won’t be mine until August 4th or 5th at the earliest.

I told him that he should have advised both me and the financing lady of this on Monday so that we could have rushed the paperwork. Anyway…

I was so hoping to have her for next weekend, though. My sister is having a party at a town only an hour from where Miranda will be parked all of August and I had hoped that this could be our first trip out together. *crossing my fingers*

At any rate, I’m not going to freak out over this until I know for sure how it’s going to turn out.

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Jul 15, 2008 -

Status Update

Financing requested a proof of insurance in order to finalize the paperwork. Insurance required a date of possession in order to finalize their paperwork. So, financing gave me a date. Monday.



My car needs a base plate! And Miranda needs her back up camera! And the parking people haven’t gotten back to me! And… and… and… I don’t know anything about RVs!

*breathes in, breathes out*

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