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Jul 26, 2008 -

I Might Seem Impatient…

I’ve been asked why it’s turning into such an issue that I might have to wait another week before I take possession of Miranda.

Let’s start with the legal implications. I am now the registered owner of this coach and am insuring it. Therefore, I am liable for anything that happens to the coach or that it might do. If the neighbour who has the keys decides to take Miranda for a joy ride and then commits a hit and run, or if she rolls down the steep driveway on which she’s park and kills a child playing in the street, I’m liable.

Then there is the issue that I told the owner weeks ago that I needed the coach by this weekend. No, not because it would have been the perfect weekend to take her on a shakedown cruise (something that came up after I gave him the deadline), but because after this one I have only five weekends left before I leave!!!

I have to learn to drive this thing, how to tow with it, how to use its systems, as well as make the necessary renovations, upgrade the electrical systems (more solar power), install a backup camera, move in, and take it for a shake down cruise. I’m running out of time!

If I wanted to end this really badly, I could exercise my right to go to their house right now with a police officer who would then knock on every door on the street until he found the neighbour who has the keys. But that’s not my way. The owners are now aware that I know my rights, have access to lawyers (it’s very convenient to work with some), and could make their lives difficult. I trust that this will be sufficient to grease the necessary wheels.

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Jul 25, 2008 -

Okay, Now I Have Something To Say

Miranda’s PREVIOUS owner’s bank is playing hardball with the cheque from the dealership and has withheld the funds until it clears. My bank would have given me part of the funds, but anyway, that’s between him and his bank and has nothing to do with me.

He doesn’t see it that way and advised me that I should have my keys next week sometime.

I told him that this is not acceptable. I’m really disappointed that this is how the transaction has turned out after it going so smoothly for so long. I think the biggest issue is that he clashed with the wonderful lady doing the financing–she didn’t do things his way, so of course she was ‘difficult.’ I maintain that if he’d advised us much earlier on in the process that he was leaving the country that none of this would be an issue right now.

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Jul 25, 2008 -

So Close…

Miranda is legally mine. I received the necessary paperwork today to go to the SAAQ and get her plated. Once again, I lucked out with a licence plate that has numbers which are meaningful to me, so I already know the plate number by heart.

She’s legally mine… but I have no keys yet. I have nothing nice and or non-sarcastic to say about that, so I’ll refrain from commenting.

I got Pommette the toad back from having her base plate installed. There is still more to do, and I still can’t tow, but I’m very close. In order for me to be able to tow, I’m missing the plug that would connect the car electric system to Miranda’s. I didn’t know what sort of plug she has, so the mechanic was unable to install it. I went over tonight to ogle my gal, pet her, and take a photograph of the connector. Hopefully, the missing component can be installed tomorrow. After, there’s another thing that needs to be installed, but I’ll be okay to tow short distances until Blue Ox gets the part to the garage.

Finally, my back up camera arrived. I took one look at the installation instructions and blanched, but I’m sure I can get it installed. It’ll just take longer than the instructions say it will.

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