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Mar 24, 2013 -

A Maddening Wind

I was awakened at about 3:30 this morning by a loud gale. I stumbled out of bed to close all the windows and roof hatches, which effectively deadened the sound of the howling wind.

But was I able to get back to sleep? No. Why? My %@&%*@( air condition rattles like the dickens. I noticed it was bad on the beach, but it was never when I was trying to sleep.

Tabitha and I would just start drifting off and then, RATTLE, RATTLE, RAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTLLLLEEE, RATTLE. OMG.

Anyone have tips for a rattling AC?

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Mar 18, 2013 -

Port Lavaca to Von Ormy


With that out of the way, it’s been a good day so far. I went out shortly after my last post to hook up the truck. I’m getting better at gauging the distance I need to park it from the RV, but I always manage to not be quite straight and have the passenger side at the right distance to hook up while the driver’s side is a bit short.

Once I was hooked up, I discovered I have three minor Miranda repairs to make.

The first is with the windshield wipers. The pump is working fine, but the fluid is just shooting out from under the dash. I’m hoping I’ll find the hole or bad connection in the hose easily.

The second is to check the fuses for the turn signals. I put on the four way flashers to make sure the truck blinkers were working, and nothing. I tried the turn signal, nothing. I jiggled both and eventually got the left blinker working and the four way flashers, with the right blinker coming after several more jiggle. I really hope that this is just a fuse issue!

Like when I left Campbell River, my house stairs refused to budge. All I had on hand to lubricate them was was WD-40, so I’ll make sure to get some white grease next time I’m out shopping. Or maybe I can find some of that Move-It Croft had…

First stop was gas, which was painless since I could circle around the building to get out. Even better, the pump handle had a catch that meant I could wash my windows while the gas was pumping.

It was a smooth drive into Port Lavaca, where I got propane. Another easy in and out except for the bad driveway. Surely they know someone with a grader? Propane was CHEAP, $42 to fill the on board tank!

The first part of the drive was familiar since I had to drive through Goliad (which is still under construction). Traffic got moderately heavier from Kenedy (not a typo) onward, but it was nothing too bad and most drivers were courteous.

From the 410 bypass, it was an easy drive to Von Ormy and the Hidden Valley RV Park, where I was greeted by the wonderful Teri.

Hidden Valley is the best deal in San Antonio for boondockers wanting to stay more than just a night or two since they offer dry camping for just $5 a night! I found the campground through My FHU spot tonight is costing me $30.

Even though I was 15 minutes early for check in, Teri greeted me warmly. She had a packet of information for me and spent time showing me around downtown on a map, highlighting the best places to park and where to catch public transportation. I was told by L to avoid driving into San Antonio, but with Teri’s instructions, I know I can get to cheap parking easily, so I don’t see any reason not to go in with the truck.

It is SUPER hot today, so I have the AC blasting, but it’s supposed to go right back down tomorrow. Talk about perfect planning!

I have to move around noon tomorrow. Teri showed me the two possibilities and the setup will be just fine. I’ll post pics at some point after I’ve moved.

Now, I need to start on my rather ambitious list for the day. The laundry is a trek and a half, so until that’s done (about half an hour left), I don’t want to get started on anything else. After that, the vacuum cleaner is coming out! 🙂

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Aug 5, 2012 -

Humid Weather, Air Conditioners, and 15A Connections

This afternoon, the weather finally got to me. We were doing work in the rig, I was about going to set up my office after, and it was sweltering in here. I hate running the AC when I’m plugged into 15A, but it was either that or melt.

I shut down the water pump and water heater and turned the fridge to propane. The AC ran fine until I adjusted the thermostat one time too many and then it blew a breaker in the house. My mother showed me where to reset the breaker, I reset the thermostat, and then I turned the AC back on.

It has been running fine all afternoon. It’s now about 27C in here (81F), which is very comfortable now that the humidity is gone. I am leaving the AC on and will see if it cycles properly when it starts to get hotter in here. If it blows the breaker, I will turn it off until bedtime and recool the rig to sleep comfortably.

The problem could be that I am running off about 150′ of small gauge extension cord. I have checked the voltage on occasion and I have always been well within the acceptable limits with the cords remaining cool, so I think that as long as I don’t play with the thermostat again, causing too many shut downs and activations in too short a span of time, it will be fine.

The difference between in here and outside is incredible!

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