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May 20, 2013 -

The Only Thing That Lasts

Why, land is the only thing in the world worth workin’ for, worth fightin’ for, worth dyin’ for, because it’s the only thing that lasts.

I feel like a completely different person than I was this winter, dreading my return to Canada and seeing no future for myself here. I had no idea how the property was going to work out and half expected to land here and discover that I had just bought an investment, not a place to put down tenuous roots.

My life plan hasn’t changed at all. I still want to RV a few more years and then see the world. The only thing that has changed is that I have a safety net. Should the bottom fall out, I will have this place to return to and I will be at peace with doing so.

This property will only tether me as much as I let it. Investing in a little hardscaping, like gravel, will mean having less green space to tend, or to have tended, during my voyages. Not having a proper house on it means not having to worry about pipes freezing, rodent damage, and the like while I’m out gallivanting in my RV. When I’m ready to see the world, I can weather proof the rig as much as possible, leave a friend to keep an eye on it, and take off, secure in the knowledge that I won’t have to start from scratch should I ever decide to return.

I will confess to being rather excited at the prospect of turning this property into a proper landing base. I can already see the grainery I’ll turn into a cozy guest cottage/wood working shop/laundry room, even if it takes years to amass the materials to do so. I can already taste the fresh herbs and tomatoes I’ll grow next year. I eagerly await the day I get a faucet so I can wash my first load of laundry in my Wonder Wash and hang it to dry on a clothesline I’ll install when I get back in July.

I look forward to more Friday night canasta tournaments, to watching summer grab this land and reluctantly let go of it in the fall. And I am going to eagerly await that the first nip in the air that will tell me it’s time to go south. The border crossing should be easier with my having real ties to Canada and big plans for the following summer. Next winter, meeting up at Quartzite with friends will be all the more enjoyable because I won’t be so annoyed with having to go back to Canada.

I keep getting asked how I found this place. All I can say is that when you know what you’re looking for, the options narrow down considerably. I knew what I needed and I pounced when I found it. But it is luck that it has worked out as well as it has.

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May 15, 2013 -

Kindred Spirits

I just got back from happy hours (yes, plural) at my neighbours who sold me my property. I am going to call them Caroline and Charles from now on, all though that is not anywhere near their real names. Points to those who get why I picked those names.

Caroline, Charles, and I are kindred spirits. There is just no other way to describe it. We have similar values and attitudes towards life. They actually came to Saskatchewan in horse drawn covered wagons! I am blessed to have them here. This village will feel like home thanks to them.

I enjoyed way too much homemade white wine, venison salami, and cheese as we gabbed. Another neighbour, let’s call her Laura, came over at one point to join us. I now have access to showers and washing machines. Laura works ‘in town’ and said I am welcome to grab her house key from Caroline and use her facilities during the day!!!

I was sent home with a box of giant parsnips (will share a picture when I’m on a faster connection as they are weapon-sized) and two pallets to use as a front porch. I was also invited to a horse-related event in July (that sounds fun enough to pull me away from Stettler) and warned that my handywoman skills will be put to good use later this summer when Charles and Caroline start working on their addition, so I don’t need to worry about monetarily paying them back for using anything they offer me.

Caroline told me that folks here often find graineries (I think that’s the word), skeleton buildings made of fir that folks clad with plywood and turn into sheds. Charles is going to look for one as he’s always out and about doing pest control and said that I could likely pay a bachelor with a meal and some beer in exchange for having it brought out to me. I visited one of their’s and it would be more than just a shed once finished. It would have the potential to be a sweet little cottage, exactly what I envisioned having one day on this lot.

This village, or, rather, hamlet, feels like such a different place than it was this morning. I have to return a dolly to Caroline tomorrow and was told there’s always coffee on. I am going to learn to play Canasta on Friday night at Laura’s. Suddenly, I belong.

This place truly is my Haven.

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May 15, 2013 -


It figures that the one day in weeks if not months that I decided to not get dressed would be the day a neighbour dropped by!

This neighbour is half of the couple who sold me the lot! She’s very nice; retired from being a power engineer in Manitoba and now raising horses. I am going to their place at about 4:00 for wine and to meet her husband.

First off, I got some answers about my property purchase. They own all the vacant lots in town and paid only $100 for mine! They thought it would be the last to go because it is so small. I thought my offer of $3,500 to their request for $5,000 was a low ball, but she laughed and said that I didn’t even come close to matching the low ball offers they had gotten previously. They considered my offer fair and serious and took it since it was cash in hand, plus they thought the tiny lot would be hard to sell. She doubts they would have accepted less, though.

Now, in no particular order, here’s the scoop on services.


The lean-to attached to a private house is a proper post office and is open in the mornings. So I can mail things from there and get a PO box. No more having to run into Assiniboia for general delivery.


I am on a water line and need to contact the RM (rural municipality) to find out how to get a tap. For the summer, I am welcome to go to my neighbours and fill up from their exterior tap! I can back up to it with my truck, so I am going to get a big container to fill once a week or so and then tap into that with smaller jugs. The water is NOT drinkable.


Garbage, water, and sewer fees are about $600 a year. My neighbour says I am welcome to put a bag in with their trash this summer!


The neighbour says that I am on a sewer line, but I’m not really. In RV parlance, their sewer is for grey water only and everyone has holding tanks for black water, which they then have pumped out. It will likely be cheaper for me to just haul my waste to a dump station. Grey water can run on the ground considering how little I use.


I do indeed have a pole on my property, so I just need to have a metre put on it and then have an electrician install an outlet. Shouldn’t cost me more than $1,000 total.


My neighbour did my lawn last summer. I told her that she can come up with a number for what that was worth and I will gladly pay, either with cash or with barter. They are doing construction this summer and I let her know I’m moderately handy and available if they need help.


The RM will deliver gravel to my property (to use as an RV pad) at a rate of so much per yard (no idea how many yards I’d need). Several neighbours with little tractors could apparently be bribed with beer to spread it around.


Willow Bunch is only 18KM away (compared to 32km for Assiniboia) and has gas and a small grocery store. The road there is gravel, though, so thank goodness for my truck! I drove that road once in my car and swore it would never happen again.

Assiniboia has a movie theatre!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, I may have jumped the gun on my excitement since it doesn’t appear to be a proper cinema and I can’t get any information on what’s playing this weekend, but it’s a beacon of hope that I won’t miss seeing this latest Star Trek on the big screen (although with the amount of work coming in this week, I can almost justify a four-hour round trip drive to Moose Jaw to see it…).


I’m told most are hermits, especially the guy right next to me. As long as I’m not loud and obnoxious, no one’s going to care what I do.

So that’s the scoop! I have to get back to work. OMG, it doesn’t rain but it pours. I don’t think it will ever be enough to get me back over the hump from the last few issues AND to cover what’s upcoming, but it’s still a relief!

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