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Jun 16, 2008 -


I’m now waiting for the RV’s current owner to call me so we can discuss the terms of surrender. Erm, purchase. I’ve come up with a list of items I’d like for him to include as well as the price I’m willing to pay. I don’t feel like dithering with him. He and his wife are very open and honest and it’d just feel like an insult to give him a stupidly low figure and then work our way up to the price I’m willing to pay.

(I need to stop staring at the phone. :D)

Mechanical inspection, insurance, and financing are more or less settled. The first two more, the last one less. A friend’s step-father should be available to check the truck portion of the RV (brakes, chassis, engine, tires, etc.), I’ve found an insurance company that caters to Quebec full-timers (!!!), and the guy at the bank is fairly sure based on our conversation that a loan won’t be a problem. I’m just not crazy about the loan terms since I know that dealer financing for RVs provides much better rates and terms. I have one more lead to follow before I make a formal, credit-report dinging, request from the bank.

I’m still trying to figure out how I wound up at this stage so quickly.

I told a colleague/friend today that I’m scared witless by this project and she didn’t believe me. But I am! It’s just that I’ve learned in life that great things lie beyond fear. I just can’t wait for terror to give way to enthusiasm! LOL

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Jun 10, 2008 -


I finally began my RV inventory list.

I knew that this would be an excruciatingly anal process because absolutely everything needs to be accounted for, from me to the lowliest paper clip, because I’ll have no carrying capacity to play with.

In order to do so, I turned to my favourite electronic tool, Excel. I made tabs for all the areas in the RV.

Living room is the the room where I’ll live; surfing the web, watching a DVD, or reading a book. Dining room is where the dinette is located and refers to the overhead storage in that area. Basement is the bays under the RV. No matter what RV I get, these areas will exist in it, albeit in different forms and locations.

The ‘total’ worksheet is a grand total of the totals from all the other sheets.

The ‘extra’ worksheet is for the stuff I feel guilty about not taking or that have sentimental value but no practical value or that I’d miss terribly. In this, I’m putting a lot of the recent kitchen stuff my mothers gave me as well, toys handcrafted just for me by my late uncle, and just about the entirety of my kitchen. It’s the worksheet for all the things I’d like to bring should I end up having extra carrying capacity (ha ha ha).

Finally, the ‘give’ worksheet is for keeping track of what I need to get rid of and who has dibs on these items.

This is proving to be extremely illuminating… and terrifying. The only amounts I have so far are for a few items in the living room and basement… and I’m already at 269lbs. That’s more than a third of the lowest number I calculated for the class C I’m eying and doesn’t include additional batteries, solar panels, or a satellite dish. It does, however, include at least part of a trailer hitch as well as a generator.

What amazes me as I go through my house is just how much stuff I have that doesn’t really have a purpose; how much is there ‘in case I ever need it.’ Sometimes, I have wound up needing it, but, in a lot of cases, I’ve just been dragging it around for a decade. This RV plan is going to force me to really identify what’s important and needs to come, eliminating a lot of what I call the ‘flotsam and jetsam’ of a life. That said, I’ve budgeted for one crate of ‘miscellaneous junk.’ 🙂

What I’ve envisioned doing at the end of the summer is to hold a giant sale during which I would invite people to just walk through my home and offer me whatever they thing is fair for anything that strikes their fancy. I would have, by this point, transferred the stuff I definitely want to bring into the RV and given away furniture and sundries to family and friends. I’d hold that over a day and the following week hold a ‘just come and take it’ event for anything left over. After that, I’m pretty sure that anything left would be trash. It’s unbelievably difficult to get rid of things that aren’t trash, don’t have monetary value, and aren’t of interest to charity shops.

I continue to be amazed and astounding that this is where my Path has taken me. So much of the past few years make sense to me now.

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Jun 3, 2008 -

RV Inspection, Redux, and Goals

Yup, the guy wants to sell. He emailed me earlier to say that if I’m still interested in the coach on Monday he’ll take it in for a QC inspection and not to worry myself about getting any information on that. Since the inspection results in paperwork he’ll need to hand me, I am comfortable with pawing off this task on him. He’s going to cry when I make my offer, but I won’t be surprised if he comes crawling back to me in a month or two begging to sell. In the meantime, I’d keep looking for something else. Anyway, I need to keep taking this one step at a time. Soon as I saw the cost for a satellite system and the work involved in setting up solar panel, I realised that I need to slow down and breathe, LOL!!!

While I’m telling people that I’m hitting the road for a year, I know that’s not true. I’m aiming for this change to be a permanent one. My biggest goal for the year is to prove to myself that I can make a very good and reliable living without having to rely on an 8-4 job. So, I want to find a good balance between taking time for my (currently shamefully neglected) online business and outside work.

I’ve always wanted to learn self-sufficiency of the off-grid kind. How often have I said that I dream of a home that’s off the grid? I want to be able to ‘boondock’ for weeks at a time so I don’t have to rely on pricey parks with hookups. My goal for my trek to BC is to only pay for accommodations once per week, and only if needed to recharge my batteries and/or empty and fill tanks. If I do this, then my only major expense for the trek will be gas. I can already see myself outside the big store with the red, white, and blue sign going “Home, sweet Wal-mart.” *ggl*

Life is a marvelous thing, is it not?

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