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Jul 7, 2008 -

Proverbial Stone

Whew, I didn’t intend to get insurance issues sorted out today, but I did! I’m thrilled with the coverage and price I got for a ‘Globe Trotter Plus Nomad’ (love that!) policy… that includes road side assistance for the RV. One less thing to research. *Rae heaves a huge sigh of relief*

I still need to check if my plans will affect my car policy (which I’ll need to maintain with my current insurer), so I could still be in for surprises, insurance-wise, but I think the worst is over.

The fact that I will be out of Quebec for a year was a huge problem and I had to swear up and down and promise my firstborn child that I would not go to the United States for more than a couple of weeks at a time, and for no more than 6 months total, as well as pay a premium. I can’t figure out why my country is so difficult about people crossing its provincial borders for more than 6 months. I know it has something to do with the health care regimes and provincial income tax, but all of that comes out in the wash if you ask me. *rolls eyes*

Okay, so now I’m waiting for the financing to be settled. This is stressing me out, probably more than it should. It’s just that plans B through Z aren’t nearly as advantageous as plan A and could really cramp my style.

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Jul 2, 2008 -


Andy Baird is a full-time RVer with a lifestyle that really compares to mine. It was by perusing his site that I became convinced that a class C with rear twin beds is the best layout for me. He’s also provided me with great advice on shopping for a class C and how to safely travel with an iMac. Through his site, I could see that he has a lot of really good ideas on how to get organized in a small space. So, when I saw that he offers a CD/download called Eureka! filled with his best RVing tips, I didn’t hesitate to purchase it. I wasn’t disappointed.

Eureka! is a treasure trove of RVing hints that is basically a full compendium of what this man has found to make RVing life more practical, pleasant, and safe. I’ve referred to it several times a day since purchase as I build up my ‘to buy’ list. Like me, Andy doesn’t like ‘idiot lights’ (ie. gauges that tell you something is wrong before you can do anything about it) and has tips for adding information gauges for your engine, fridge, and solar panels, as well as how to upgrade the standard RV tank gauges. Other great advice includes an alternate solution to a doorbell which will make RVing safer, plans for adding many extra linear feet of storage space, and an explanation of electricity in such plain English that I actually understand now what volts, amps, and watts are!

No, this has not been a paid advertisement for Eureka! but Andy has been so much help that I felt he deserved a shout out. Thanks, Andy!

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Jul 1, 2008 -

Storing Things

I was adamant that I didn’t want to store anything. It just made no sense to me–you pay for storage and it winds up costing you more than it would have cost you to replace the things and/or you have things stored at no cost to you and it winds up costing you more to ship them out cross-country than it would have cost you to replace the things.

My mother is adamant that I store my kitchen things in her garage if I’m not bringing them with me, mostly because the stuff is either very new or has sentimental value. She’s offered me a corner of her garage for a year or two. So, I figure that the only way I’ll get her off my back about this subject is to let her get involved a bit. Therefore, when she comes to pick up the furniture my sisters want, I’ll let her take off with a few boxes of the kitchen stuff I’ll miss the most–my dad’s casserole dishes and mixing bowls, my blue willow, my collection of beer glasses, and a few other items.

This isn’t entirely altruistic, of course, nor frugal, because it’ll give me an excuse to stock up on new, more RV-friendly things! I want to get a lot of ‘popware’; that is silicon and plastic items that store flat, lighter pots and pans, light dishes, etc. I do so love setting up a new home. 🙂

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