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Aug 17, 2008 -

Wardrobe Woes

Miranda’s wardrobe is surprisingly useless for a full-timer. Blame it on the sliding doors. If I had doors that opened outwards, I could have done something like Andy Baird did in his rigs, that is put in plastic drawers to fill in the space. Instead, I have to contend with doors that eat up a surprising amount of interior space. I will put in at least one drawer unit, but it will have to be quite skinny.

When retirees move into a full-timing rig, they can usually downsize their clothing since they know they’ll be doing mostly casual things in mostly warm climates. I don’t have that luxury. I’m still going to go through four seasons and I have no idea what sort of scenarios I’m going to encounter. It therefore doesn’t make sense to get rid of anything I’ve worn in the last year except for pieces that are definitely too big for me now.

I divided my wardrobe into three: winter, summer, and inbetween. Since I’m leaving at the beginning of September, I can expect to wear summer clothes for at least that month, but will want ready access to the inbetween items, which include longer-sleeved tops and heavier skirts. The distinctly winter items–corduroy skirts, heavy knit tops, coats, boots, hats, etc. went into two rubber totes that fit nicely in the basement. I’ll need to figure out how to squeeze the summer things into the wardrobe using the hanging and drawer space I have available to me. As for the inbetween stuff, I want it at the ready for the first chilly morning.

So, I just spent a half hour staring at both my closets (yes, both, I’m in suuuch trouble, LOL!) and realised that I hadn’t figured out yet where I’m putting my suitcases. Yes, I’m taking my suitcases with me since I plan on doing one round trip air flight per year to Montreal to visit my family.

The three suitcases nestle in each other, so there’s only the big one to worry about, size-wise, and it should fit on the wardrobe’s shelf if I measure things correctly. I put the smaller suitcase in it and stuffed it with rolled up long-sleeved inbetween tops.

I then closed up the small suitcase and laid on top the dressier clothes I own that would be suitable for interviews or office jobs. They’ll be out of the way, but stay reasonably unwrinkled.

I finished by stuffing the suitcase with socks and tights.

I will most definitely need to hang some things, so I suspect I’ll end up using up as much of the wardrobe for drawers as I can, and then put up hooks in the entrance and study for hanging the coats and shawls I’m using at the time. I’ll hang the other coats in the wardrobe in the dead space between the drawers where the doors intersect. I’ll need to remove the drawer units to get at the coats, so that will be fine for rotating storage.

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Aug 11, 2008 -

Extreme Makeover: RV Edition, Part One

My mother and I got a ton of work done on the coach this weekend. I’m fortunate that I was able to get down to her place and that she was available. We had the full resources of her workshop at her disposal. As we raced through Home Depot on Saturday morning she said that she felt that she was on one of those tv shows where you have to decorate on time and on budget and I have to agree!

I’ll start off with a bit of info on the drive down Friday. The weather was awful, alternating pouring rain with bright sun, but I had no choice, I needed to arrive that night, so I took off. The drive was really quite easy; I even felt comfortable enough to pass slow pokes. Montreal was harrowing, but Miranda made it through unscathed.

The most exciting part of the drive was stopping off for fuel. I wasn’t sure if Miranda would fit under the overhang.

Please visit the various room pages linked to from the Miranda page for pictures.

Next weekend, I’ll have more pictures of the back room renovations; I’m just waiting for some sewing to be done to be able to show things off properly. 🙂

Kilometres driven this weekend: just shy of 500.

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Aug 7, 2008 -

There’s Not Just Me To Think About

I brought Tabitha and Neelix to the vet’s this evening to get their shots up to date. I need a valid rabies vaccination certificate for them if I want to cross into the United States. Both were due for their shot this year, conveniently enough, and the certificates are good for three years so I don’t have to think about this again for quite some time. Even though both of them are microchipped, I was advised to get them collars on which to put a rabies tag provided by the vet, which is traceable back to them. So, if either one of my kitties (ie. Neelix) manages to escape, I have double protection since it’s not just anyone who can read a microchip, but anyone can call a number on a tag.

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