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Aug 15, 2012 -

Mastering the Wardrobe

I’m not sure what exactly triggered the AHA moment as to a resolution to my ongoing wardrobe woes, but I finally found the solution!!!

I couldn’t figure out how to best use the area below the clothes for storage because it’s such a deep space. Things would get lost on shelves and baskets wasted too much space. I would forget what I owned until the seasonal purge and then find myself holding a pair of jeans or a sweater and going, “Hey, I forgot that I have that. Why don’t I wear it?”

I know I could have fewer clothes, but what I have fits in the space, so I had a hard time believing I couldn’t make accessing the items easier. Even with fewer clothes, I’d still have the problem of things being piled on top of each other or having to pull everything off a shelf and having to stack things two deep.

For the solution, I was partly inspired by all the images you see on decor sites of towels rolled up in cubes. I know that that alone didn’t translate to a solution for the wardrobe, but it probably got the ball rolling.

I took all the clothes out and determined that I needed for divisions; one four sweaters, one for jeans, one for skirts, and one for bags. My mother built me this tonight:

I then folded the sweaters semi neatly and stacked them so I could see the ends. As for jeans and skirts, I rolled them up! This way, there is less of a chance the clothes will wrinkle and I can just grab the end of a roll. Ta-dah:

It might look a little messy, but it really isn’t. I can see all my clothes and bags at a glance and it’s easy to pull out what I need. And instead of having to dig through everything to find a pair of jeans the odd time I decide to wear a pair, they are contained to one area.

Next, I need to find a place to store my scarves. Right now, they are rolled up neatly in the pocket organizer, but they are a pain to put away. I really like this idea of using a couple of towel bars. If I can find narrow ones that fit inside my wardrobe doors, I will give that idea a try.

My wardrobe will always be a bone of contention, but it’s almost functional! 😀

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Aug 13, 2012 -

New Shelving

I recently did a huge book purge and eliminated all but my cookbooks from the three driver’s side overhead compartments in the front room. I was tired of having my kitchen stuff squeezed into a few cabinets, making it a hassle to grab a mixing bowl or the rice cooker.

I left the cabinet fairly bare but slowly started to migrate things over there. One of the compartment doors was open the other day and looking at it from a fresh perspective, I was hit with a realisation: a shelf could double my storage space in that cabinet!

The cabinet is about 75″ long and 13″ deep. My mother has had some boards in her garage for over 10 years; they were part of a shelving unit she had made me for my second apartment. The wardrobe project will require six boards and there were eight. The two remain boards offered a total length of 72″ and a depth of 12″. Close enough!!!

I grabbed a bunch of brackets and screws from my hardware bin, a paint can to use as a shelf holder, and a screw driver. Less than an hour later, the new shelving was in.

It turns out well that the shelves are a bit short length-wise; I have just enough space at the end to stand up all my cookbooks.

Now, it was time to start filling the shelves and, of course, containerize the contents:

The huge corner cabinet in the kitchen now feels a lot more open:

I have a lot less stuff than I did when I moved into Miranda and it’s nice to be able to start spreading it around more thinly. I’m sure I’ll find more things to store in those compartments as time goes on, but what a great feeling it is to create additional storage and not immediately fill it up!

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Aug 12, 2012 -

The Highly Technical French-Canadian Method For Securing Furniture (some assembly required)

The filing cabinet really vexed my mother. She felt that it was just about impossible to secure it to the rig without risking that a misadventure would rip out the floor or, worse, a wall. I witnessed this summer just how much it can move, and how much damage it can make, when an idiot with no respect for his clients’ RVs parks one.

The conclusion she reached was one I had toyed with: not securing the filing cabinet, but rather wedging it in place during travel.

The end result has a horizontal piece linking the desk and the top of the cabinet, a horizontal piece linking the wall behind the desk and the bottom of the cabinet, and a vertical piece blocking the drawers. There is also some trim on the bottom of the cabinet to further discourage it from moving.

I think it’s time for a picture. 🙂

Everything that touches the desk, cabinet, or printer drawer has padding to hopefully prevent scratches.

Here’s a closeup of the vertical section with the drawer pieces:

My mother wanted the whole thing to be dismantleable and easy to store and she wanted to make sure everything was wedged in super tight, hence the use of the cedar shingle wedges.

I’ll know in a few days if this works or not!

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