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Jul 30, 2008 -

Decisions, Decisions

I went back to the storage place last night with a friend so I could show off Miranda and also get her opinion on which bed to rip out and replace with a desk. My friend also wound up hauling boxes, but that was not my intent for bringing down there, LOL!

So, I wanted to rip out the bed on the left. The bedroom isn’t symmetrical and the left side has a wider wall. I felt that I could tuck both a desk and a chair away and have them not be visible from the kitchen.

Also, the right-side bed has a drop down table, so I felt that it was conveniently set up for use as a couch, even if the electrical plug and heater are on that side.

The previous owner told me that, having lived in the coach for six months, she felt that the right-side bed should be the one to go, pointing out the wider wall and the electrical outlet. I didn’t find her arguments convincing.

My friend also suggested I take out the right-side bed, telling me that I won’t have guests often, but when I do, the wider wall of the left side will make a sort of alcove that will offer much needed privacy in such a small space.

That settled it.

Another decision to make is where to put the litter box. I am seriously considering giving up the space under the ‘sofa’ and dedicating it to the cat box. I had hoped to be able to put the box in the basement, but there are no convenient places in which to do so. My other option is to put it in the storage space below the wardrobe, but that would require removing a door. I think that making a discreet hole in the base of the ‘sofa’ makes more sense. The final option was to put the box in the cockpit, either between the two seats or at the foot of the passenger seat, but that area is carpeted and will remain carpeted, so I don’t feel that’s a good idea.

I had hoped to be able to remove one of the lounge chairs and the bar at some point to replace them with a credenza/bookcase. The chairs are bolted down and I couldn’t immediately see a way to remove them, so I might have to live with them.

Then, I discovered that the material covering the chairs and dinette benches also covers the ceiling of the cockpit. I’ve decided that I therefore have to live with this material. That said, I still want to remove as much of the sage green curtains as I can (I used to love that colour, but now I just see my cubicle!!!) and play up the other colours in the fabric–there’s blue, pink, gold, and peach, so I know I’ll be able to do do something I can live with. I’m also pretty sure I’ll need to replace the mini blinds at some point since Tabitha and Neelix will surely destroy them.

Finally, I feel that the space above the fridge was poorly designed, so I’m going to spring for a cabinet for up there. I’ll be unable to match Miranda’s woodwork, so I think I’ll go for open shelves and use the space for books.

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Jul 1, 2008 -

Storing Things

I was adamant that I didn’t want to store anything. It just made no sense to me–you pay for storage and it winds up costing you more than it would have cost you to replace the things and/or you have things stored at no cost to you and it winds up costing you more to ship them out cross-country than it would have cost you to replace the things.

My mother is adamant that I store my kitchen things in her garage if I’m not bringing them with me, mostly because the stuff is either very new or has sentimental value. She’s offered me a corner of her garage for a year or two. So, I figure that the only way I’ll get her off my back about this subject is to let her get involved a bit. Therefore, when she comes to pick up the furniture my sisters want, I’ll let her take off with a few boxes of the kitchen stuff I’ll miss the most–my dad’s casserole dishes and mixing bowls, my blue willow, my collection of beer glasses, and a few other items.

This isn’t entirely altruistic, of course, nor frugal, because it’ll give me an excuse to stock up on new, more RV-friendly things! I want to get a lot of ‘popware’; that is silicon and plastic items that store flat, lighter pots and pans, light dishes, etc. I do so love setting up a new home. 🙂

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