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Aug 25, 2009 -

Did I Miss a Memo?!

Did Quebec recently secede from Canada?

My request for Yukon healthcare was rejected because I did not provide sufficient proof of my Canadian nationality. I submitted a copy of my passport as proof that I am Canadian and was told that’s not good enough. They want a birth certificate! What???!!!

But that’s not what takes the cake. I promptly submitted my birth certificate and was equally promptly told that it does not prove my Canadian nationality as the certificate was issued by Quebec. What???!!!

I still have a couple of aces up my sleeve (it’s good that I know some lawyers, so an affidavit wouldn’t be out of the question), but this is ridiculous!!!

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Aug 7, 2009 -

Trying to Become a Yukoner

I’ve been trying for a month now to get my residency transferred from Quebec to Yukon. First step was vehicle-related since health care wouldn’t kick in here until September.

So far, it’s been a nightmare.

Insurance here works like in Quebec, so that seemed easy enough at first glance. I contacted a few insurance companies and only one got back to me regarding my request for a quote. They wanted experience letters from my current insurers as well as a driver’s abstract. I knew how to get the claims letters, but the driver’s abstract was new to me. I was told that it’s something the SAAQ (Quebec ‘DMV’) would be able to send them directly because ‘that’s what all the other provinces do.’

Well, that should have sounded warning bells, but it didn’t. I contacted the SAAQ and learned that they would only MAIL an abstract to my registered address and it would take ten days. If I wanted to change my address, then it would take ten days to process that and then another ten to get the abstract at the new address. I had the abstract mailed to my PO box in Gatineau. After a week, I emailed the guys at the UPS store and asked them to check if the letter was there and, if so, to please fax it to the insurance company. This was something I had never asked of them and I didn’t know if they would do it. They emailed me back within an hour with confirmation that the fax went through. Those guys rock!

Two weeks went by, which was much longer than I would have liked, but getting to a phone during business hours isn’t easy here. I finally got hold of the insurance company this morning and the lady had issues with the fact that I won’t spend the full year in the Yukon. She just did not understand what the full-timing lifestyle is, so this was a chance for me to educate her. After I did so, she seemed much more confident that she would be able to get me a quote for the motorhome because, as it turns out, the company that does my insurance in Quebec also does business in Yukon. She said she would check with them if they could sell me an equivalent policy here.

Also problematic was that I don’t have my Yukon driver’s licence yet. The reason for this is that I want to do both transfers at the same time since the SAAQ would see my change of licence as a change of address and possibly nullify my vehicle registrations since I’m no longer a resident of the province

I finally received quotes through email this afternoon. The motorhome was exactly the same amount as for last year and the car was about a hundred dollars less. That said, I will have to pay a hefty surcharge for the time I am in BC this winter. It’s a problem that the motorhome is going to leave the territory! Isn’t that what an RV is for, traveling?! To quote my hero, MacGyver, some people are scared of anyone who runs free.

So, Monday I should be able to get the necessary papers through the fax to go to the Yukon licencing bureau and get my new driver’s licence and vehicle registration papers. And then I can start to work on getting Yukon health care.

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Jan 3, 2009 -

What Price for Joy

It’s my third night here and I’ve already got ‘Going to the pool, YAY!!’ down to a science. Sometime between seven and eight, I put on my bathing suit, throw my jammies over it, and schlep over to the pool building with my bag holding toiletries and a towel. This way, I don’t have too much ‘stuff’ (ie. clothes) to deal with at the pool and I can shower right there.

I don’t believe there is anything in the whole of the universe that gives me as much joy as does swimming. Just doing laps doesn’t satisfy me. Soon as I hit the water, I have to play, turning somersaults and spending as much time under water as possible. There is no more glorious feeling than that of being completely submersed. I must have been a fish in a past life. No, make that an otter!

In 2009 I have already swam as many times as I did in 2008 and I plan to make up for 2007 when I didn’t get to swim at all.

So, what price for joy? I’m stretching the budget by staying here, but I have yet to feel that the price I’m paying is too much. 😀

For those who are curious about what this paradise called Pacific Border RV Park looks like, the park website has lots of good photos… just add a generous amount of snow to them. 😉

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