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Dec 17, 2010 -

Still Condensating

I didn’t run the dehumidifier last night and when I went into the loft this morning there was condensation along the metal frame and some dampness at the seam. I’m definitely not closing anything off until I get more Eternabond on the exterior! I hope the tape arrives today. We’re heading into a longish sub-zero stretch, so I wouldn’t be able to apply it. We’re hovering at zero today, which is really too cold, but with a hair dryer I’d be fine.

Even with that bit of condensation I felt okay with going ahead with some reinforcing of that corner and then I started to put in insulation. I had quite a bit left of the blue styrofoam-type from a 2008 purchase and which I’ve been telling myself for two years I should throw out. It’ll be more than enough for this project! That’s a yay for my packrat tendencies!

I’ll probably go buy the paneling and plywood tomorrow. I checked out the Home Hardware here in Osoyoos and have decided not to buy from them. They are the pits! I have sung the praises of Home Hardware across the country, but this store is just terrible. For example, they sell scraps of plywood that are priced as per their amount compared to a full sheet. So, a square that’s an eighth of a full sheet would cost an eighth of a full sheet. They didn’t have any scraps of paneling, only 8’x4′ sheets that are much too huge. I asked if it would be possible to buy a quarter of it. They said no, but that they’d be happy to cut the sheet down to a quarter and keep the other three quarters to sell as scraps. In case that’s not clear, they would make me pay full price for a sheet and then sell the other three quarters for three quarters of the price of a full sheet. That sounds like stealing to me. It’s not the money that irks me, a sheet is just $10, but the money-grubbing principle. I’ll go check out the lumber store in Oliver and see how they are. Oh, and the guy at Home Hardware who wanted to do me a favour by cutting the paneling had no idea what a straight flat, 1″, reinforcement bracket is. He took me to an aisle and showed me corner braces, saying that’s all they had. I dug around and, of course, found a bunch of flat brackets, including straight, L, and T ones. Sheesh!

As an FYI, for anyone who thinks that a handsaw is a safe tool, guess again. *Owwwwwww* 😀

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Aug 10, 2010 -

Tuckered Out

It was a trying weekend seeing as I had the night phone 3 nights out of 4. I’m constantly amazed by the people who think that’s an easy job ‘because the phone just about never rings.’ To me, the very possibility that it could ring is enough to keep me from getting any sort of deep sleep.

Moreover, I learned yesterday that it’s not the bears we need to be worried about up here but rather creatures less than an inch long. I was stung on the arm by a wasp and chided myself for being such a woose, but then discovered just how powerful wasp venom is, even for those who are not allergic. My arm swelled up for a time, then went numb, then tingly. Now, it is insufferably itchy and I fill achy all over like my body is fighting something.

I will be ‘on vacation’ in a week and I hope the change of pace will recharge my batteries. I still don’t know where I’m going! If the Dempster has dried out, it’ll be plan A, Inuvik, of course. I don’t mind doing it sloooooooowly if the road is rutty, but I am not insane enough to do it in my car if it is muddy. Plan B will be Fairbanks if the Taylor highway is open. Plan C will entail having both the Dempster and Taylor highways closed and will probably take me to Anchorage, but the insane amount of driving that this detour would entail makes Plan C unappealing.

This summer has gone by so fast! I’ve been back in Dawson three months to the day and will be pulling out in exactly a month!

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Aug 3, 2010 -

A Yukoner At Last!!!

It took a couple of attempts to get satisfactory proof of Canadian citizenship, but I have health insurance! And I’m officially a Yukoner!!! Yup, I finally got my health card!

While I was still technically insured in Quebec, my sun card would have been useless out here seeing as Quebec does not participate in the reciprocal agreement with the other provinces. In other words, I would have had to pay out of pocket had I needed to go to the ER last fall and then attempted to get reimbursed by Quebec with no guarantee of being paid back.

In related news, I received my vehicle registration papers today and burst out laughing. I owe the Yukon government $120. Compare that to the $900 I used to pay in Quebec. Plus $100 for my driver’s licence. I need to pay Yukon $50 four years from now for my licence.

My change of residency is complete and I am not looking back.

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