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May 14, 2012 -

Don’t Forget Your Supplemental Medical Coverage

I was just heading for bed when I remembered that my supplemental medical coverage expires tomorrow! I know that you can’t buy the coverage if you have already left the country, but couldn’t imagine them refusing to extend coverage.

Even though it was 9PM, I dialed the toll free number and after a five minute wait, I got a live person. He confirmed that I would not have been able to buy initial from the States (the phone system knows where you’re calling from and the web server can trace the IP) but since I still had a current policy, they could create a new one for me even though I’m in the States. I have no idea why they could not extend the existing one, but whatever.

I am now covered up to and including Friday and, yes, I will be submitting that amount ($23.20 or $7.73 per day) to the moron’s insurance company.

For the curious, I use CIBC travel insurance (underwritten by the Co-Operators), and have done so for years. It’s a little more expensive than Blue Cross (by about 10%), but I can order it through the CIBC website and have the amount taken directly from my chequing account, so it’s more convenient for me. The cost for 27 days was $91.26 or $3.38 per day.

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Feb 15, 2012 -

A Welcome Phone Call

Just as I was beginning to lose hope that I would have my health issues resolved by April, the phone rang this morning and it was the sleep clinic! They wanted to see me this afternoon! Needless to say, I shut down early; I didn’t want to miss my chance!

The sleep clinic was like visiting a dentist’s office or an optometrist, a lovely and serene space where you are met on time instead of the outdated decor and long waiting times at a doctor’s office.

I answered a brief questionnaire and this confirmed that going through some tests will be worth the exercise. I was taught how to use a device that I will sleep with tonight. It will monitor and record how I breathe throughout the night. I need to bring it back tomorrow and I will know within a week if I need a CPAP machine. I haven’t quite figured out yet how I’m going to finance such a purchase (short of actually financing it), but I’ll cross that bridge if and when I get there. It was just a relief to finally be sitting in a room with a sympathetic expert who doesn’t think I’m a hypochondriac.

Who knows, the long years of nighttime being a waste of my time could be drawing to a close…

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Jan 6, 2012 -

Am I Glad This Week is Over!

Next week won’t be any less trying than this one has been, but at least I’ve got two days to recuperate before the next battle!

I promise to share this whole story in the spring, once it has reached some sort of conclusion. I am learning a lot about being a leader, maintaining respect while being disliked, and living with yourself when you have to make impossible decisions.

In happier news, I had another appointment with my doctor this week and he’s fairly certain he has nailed down what has been ailing me! It wasn’t easy getting him to listen to me (I’m now firmly convinced that all but three Canadian doctors have no business being in medicine since they don’t actually want to practice medicine), but he finally came to a conclusion that makes sense. If he’s right, that I am simply suffering from sleep apnea, I will rejoice! I’m waiting for the sleep clinic to call me to get the ball rolling on getting a firm diagnosis and treatment plan. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get this wrapped up by April because I’m ready to get out of here. The road’s siren call is very loud these days. 🙂

I am shocked by just how homesick and tired of this apartment I am. Living in a single room that isn’t my home is getting more and more intolerable. I am fed up with the loud refrigerator, hearing people come up the stairs, knowing that people in the hallway know what I’m listening to, and having to traipse up three flights of stairs with my groceries. All that said, I’m impressed that I’ve lasted this long before cracking. 😀

The weather is supposed to be warm on Sunday, so I aim to spend the afternoon puttering in Miranda and using my new jigsaw! There’s a home store literally across the street, so I just may find the motivation to knock a few items off my to-do list.

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