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Feb 18, 2013 -

Best Comment Ever About Class Cs with Overcab Bunks

Talking with my Franco-Ontarian neighbours yesterday, we somehow got on the subject of the layout of our rigs.

I told them that I could not live in a class A like theirs because they are too open for me and therefore feel very small. Some class Cs, like mine, are much more like an apartment with several rooms, so I can have an office and then use the overcab bunk to sleep.

The gal replied, “Oh, you sleep up there!”

And her husband wistfully replied, without a hint of sarcasm, “Man, I wish my RV had two stories.”


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Feb 14, 2013 -

I Have the Best Readers!

I got a care package from reader Gina today, handmade hot pads and napkins and… well, you make one little comment about a certain store, and this is what it gets you:


Close up of the logo:


Gina thought the sweater was doubly hilarious because it appeared to be the same colour as my study:


Pretty dang close!

Thanks, Gina!

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Jan 27, 2013 -

More Dreams RVers Have

I’m still having trouble with my battery monitor and I’ve isolated the problem. What finally solved the mystery were the readings I got when I came in yesterday afternoon. I had left nothing on but the fridge when I left for Port Lavaca and there was full sun. When I came in, my solar monitor was flashing that my batteries were full while the battery monitor claimed that not only was my battery completely depleted, it was drawing over 100 amps!

Looking at the wiring diagram, I was able to figure out where I have a bad connection so I don’t have to remove all of my electrical tape and start over. The plan is to disconnect the monitor, fix the bad connection, and then reconnect it. I don’t think that will happen today as they’re calling for rain and big black clouds are rolling in, but I might have time…

So last night, I dreamt that I did the rewiring. And all the while I was contorting myself into a pretzel trying to get all the wiring done correctly, I was thinking, “You moron, you’re dreaming. Wake up. You don’t want to do this twice.”

Instead, I got up (in the dream) and went to check on my windshield. It was covered in a giant spiderweb of cracks. Again, I thought, “Wake up, stupid!”

So dream me headed back to bed, idly noticing a faint, “Beach parking limited to 12 hours sign” placed in front of the rig. I snuggled back down to sleep and was just dozing off when I felt my RV move as it was getting towed.

And that’s all it took to wake me up. Sheesh! 😀

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