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Feb 28, 2013 -

Returning Items From

I’ve been an shopper for years. This week, for the first time ever, I had to return something. It turned out that the description on the site was missing some key information and the item was not right for me. It was only about $5, so I decided that I would try for a refund and if the return wound up being a big hassle, I would just eat the amount.

Well, Amazon won’t let me return the item. I tried to go through the return process and got a message that said I’m a valued customer, so I can keep the item AND get my refund! Wow! I’m thinking that the cost of the item and my shopping history (no refund requests ever) prompted this decision.

I will still be able to use the item, so being able to keep it is a nice bonus. And, geeze, there’s no reason to be so mysterious, it’s a recorder (the musical instrument) with an uncommon fingering style. So once I dredge up 25 year old skills on the more standard type, I can graduate to this other one. 🙂

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Feb 20, 2013 -

Errand Day

I awoke to a very grey and heavy sky, a good day to go for a drive, even a short one into town, to charge the laptop in the truck. My PayPal transfer had finally landed in my inbox, so a Walmart run was definitely in order. The couple of times I’ve gone into town lately with L as well as with S&B, I was able to duck into Walmart for a few things, but I was due for a proper grocery.

Another thing on my Walmart list was motor oil, but I decided to wait to get some and just go get an oil change even though the budget is super tight. I forgot that US prices for such things are reasonable, so an oil change wound up being just $33. Woohoo! They even vacuumed the cab for that price, a nice perk.

I picked up something interesting in the produce aisle, so I now have to Google “How to cook cactus but first, how the hell do I get rid of the spines on the dang thing?!” I will report back on this.

The beach gang is heading down to the saloon for happy hour tonight, so that will be a fun mid-week activity. I may learn how to play shuffle board….

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Feb 13, 2013 -

Sun! Blue Sky! Amps Coming In!

The day started off really crappy, but the weather couldn’t be any better now! I’ve gained 16AH today and am still getting a good charge, so I will be ahead tonight.

I emailed AM Solar to ask them why my solar control monitor claims that I have a full charge when I know for sure that I do not. I was worried that the batteries would stop charging, but the battery monitor still sees the full amperage going back in, so I probably have a reporting glitch the same way I do with the volts on the battery monitor.

L and I went into town this afternoon to get shrimp for a traditional shrimp boil tonight. Mmmmm… sun, shrimp, beer, and ocean. This is the life!

We also detoured to the H.E.B. grocery store so I could check out their cat food selection since the Walmart didn’t carry Whiskas (!). Thankfully, I found my brood’s favoured food, and in the giant economical size to boot. What I bought them on Monday to tide us over hasn’t sat well with them at all and they were very happy when I opened that bad when I got home!

Finally, L took me to the post office so I could get my general delivery mail. Gina, your package hadn’t arrived yet. 🙁

It sure is nice to have someone else do the driving (and expend the fuel!). 🙂

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