Cat Food Heart Attack

I misjudged how much cat food I was going to need to finish off the season and found myself having to buy a bag here in Dawson. The best place to buy pet supplies is the Home Hardware, so that’s where I went. They carry the small bags of Whiskas, the food my cats eat.

Whiskas comes in three sizes. The small bag is normally about $7, the medium bag about $12, and the big bag about $20. I usually have several medium bags on hand, bought for $10 or less with coupons.

In Dawson, the small bag sells for $15!!! To my horror, I actually heard myself say out loud in front of staff “It’s no wonder I stock up in Whitehorse!”

This is obviously a necessary product; letting your cat starve is not an option! So, I have to wonder if that’s why the price is jacked up so high. I understand the logistics behind getting things here, but pricing up here really does not seem to have any rhyme or reason.

I have to say that much as I love Dawson the appalling grocery situation here is starting to wear on my nerves, especially after seeing how smaller towns in the Northwest Territories have proper grocery stores. I’m really looking forward to replenishing the larder in Whitehorse!

(I’m just grateful I won’t have to buy propane in Dawson this year.)

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  • They can charge anything they want if there is no competition. I’d hate to think of what I would pay for dog food, in that case.

  • Thanks to your warnings, we stocked the larder in Whitehorse this summer before heading up there! But we also nearly choked when we had to replenish our milk…it was sticker shock to say the least.
    On the whole, food is more expensive north of the border. We have grown spoiled by the low price of groceries in the US, our food bill literally doubles when we come back to Canada every summer.

  • Rae, your cats are obviously used to a diet akin to steak and lobster! It is time to introduce them to the feline equivalent of macaroni and cheese.

    There are many cats in Mexico and I can assure you, they do not get $15 cat food. Not even 15 peso car food and they all look healthy enough. A cat, if pressed, will find something to eat even if it is his or her owner. They are only finicky eaters when they are presented with a well stocked smörgåsbord.

    I know what you mean about prices. Years ago in Terrace the local Safeway was charging $1.50 a head for lettuce when the same store in Vancouver charged less than $.50. When questioned the manager told us, “We have to charge that because we never sell it all and we have to throw out half of it”! I don’t think he understood the meaning of the word “irony”. His next argument was, “It is the shipping costs”. I told him he could put a stamp on each head and mail it to Terrace for less that the dollar extra he was charging.

    Life in the North!

  • The sad thing is that Whiskas is considered ‘junk food’ by most vets! I tried Bitha on an organic diet with super expensive all natural food upon the vet’s recommendation when she fell ill a couple of years ago, but she turned her nose up at it. Whiskas is what she grew up on and that’s all she’ll eat. Nee doesn’t care what I feed him, but eats so much that I’m better off getting him the ‘cheap’ food. Cheap everywhere but Dawson, apparently! At least, that $15 bag is going to last a month!

  • One thing I look forward to in Osoyoos is being able to stock up on staples at the Walmart in Omak, WA! I’m always shocked by how much cheaper groceries are in the States!

  • We have a dedicated dog supply store that is apparently quite reasonable. Not sure what that means, though. 🙂 Don’t forget that almost everyone up here as dogs and that a lot of the dogs are working dogs. You wouldn’t believe the number of people who commute by dogsled in the winter!

  • (missed this one earlier this fall!)

    Whiskas *is* junk food. It’s made of REALLY cheap ingredients, and you’re basically paying for the brand name advertising. BUT, cats imprint really strongly on food, and it’s HARD to get them to accept a switch, especially with older cats.

    @Croft – I suspect most cats in Mexico eat a lot of scraps + live prey items (mice, bugs, etc).

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