Campbell River Visitors

I spent the afternoon with Croft and Norma catching up on everything that doesn’t get discussed on our blogs. They might be staying a second night. If so, we are going on a field trip to Camping World tomorrow. 🙂

I can’t help but marvel at the magic of this nomadic life that makes it such that you not only never know when you will next see friends, but also where you will meet again. It is a very long way from Campbell River to San Antonio, and I don’t just mean in terms of distance.

Norma wanted a Cracker Barrel dinner to celebrate their 44th wedding anniversary (wow!), so I was invited to come along (thank you!). I had the sugar cured ham for the first time (YUM) and took home a lemonade (not overly sweet and made with real lemons, a real treat!).

We had sun this afternoon again (YAY) so I made sure to unplug everything before heading over to Croft and Norma’s. I did that yesterday before going on my walk and came in almost 30AH up. I left at about 58AH down today and came home to a FULL reading. I would be frustrated with my badly working monitor if reader airmon hadn’t posted an explanation for that bizarre phenomenon. Instead, I am doing a happy dance!

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  • We couldn’t let you leave San Antonio remembering a cloudy day. Glad you are getting to visit with friends. Don’t spend too much money at Camping World.

  • Wow, full charge! Not bad considering the not so perfectly sunny weather. Your system is working!

    Yes, a great dinner tonight. I satisfied my craving for catfish!

  • Croft, my system is working great. I’m just having a ‘not enough solar panels’ problem. 🙂

    I am going to have to try their catfish one day.

  • Thankfully, I got two sunny days in a row!

    I almost bought a china toilet in Camping World on mega sale. Thankfully, there wasn’t enough room in Croft’s car to take it home, so I was able to come to my senses! 😀

  • Do you have a time table for being in Nebraska yet? I’d still like to meet if it works.

  • P.J. I think it will be the third week of April. I’ll know more once I get to Wichita next week.

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